Full Moon In Scorpio

With every Full Moon, we get the chance to have an area of our life illuminated for us to examine, process, and release, allowing us to grow and evolve.

Full Moons are very much about “”Letting go what no longer serves us”. Emotions are heightened around full moons, and because of that, the old heavy and negative crap we have stored inside us, takes the opportunity to be acknowledged, expressed and released. Most times, RELEASE is what’s needed in order for us to raise our vibration. Making space for something more positive to enter our lives, and fill the void where the bad and heavy thoughts and feelings use to be, is the most difficult part. It requires us to take a good look in the mirror, and dig deep into our subconscious minds to transform our outdated thoughts and feelings.

On April 29th/30th (depending on where you live in the world) marks this month’s Full Moon. Since the Sun has entered Taurus, our moon is naturally in Scorpio, it’s polar opposite. Scorpio is a sign of mystery, transformation, deep conversation, intuition, power, and subconscious activity. It’s truly the most powerful full moon positioning there can be, mixing the powers of the full moon with the most powerful of the signs.

This Full Moon in Scorpio is going to be a heavy one! It will be providing us all a chance to have what isn’t working in our lives, to be illuminated so that we cannot avoid this issue any longer. Where ever we need to transform and let the heavy crap go in order to grow, that will be what rises to the surface under this beautifully powerful and changing moon. This energy is going to make us hyper-focused on things that don’t sit well with us anymore. Whatever we’ve been avoiding thinking, feeling or acknowledging, will rise to be processed and then released.

That’s some pretty heavy shit!!

You probably won’t feel the greatest until you are able to release it. The energy from any full moon can be felt for 3 days both prior to, and after, the actual full moon day. So if you’ve found yourself feeling heavy, and kind sad or confused, feeling like you don’t belong here, and that this world seems to be confusing and overwhelming, no doubt you can blame the moon for that! Physically, we tend to retain water during this lunar phase, because, as you know; we are made up of water, and moons have a very strong pull on our oceans, and tides, so understandably we will feel that pull as well. Scorpio is a water sign, so again, this full moon stationed in Scorpio is going to be FELT whether you like it or not!

The beautiful thing about this full moon, is that once its over, you will experience a calming in your world. It will seem as though a new pace has been set and you suddenly have the focus and clarity to carry out projects and ideas that you’ve been stuck on for years. Your outlook and confidence will have shifted to a higher realm of vibration, which is what you need in order to take on the next chapter of your life. Psychic insights, intuition and dreams are all heightened during a full moon phase, and this one being in Scorpio is like the moon is jacked up on steroids. Scorpio being very naturally psychic and intuitive anyways, means that we will all be receiving insights, and messages from the Universe and the higher realms to provide us with both validation and guidance, that we are where we need to be in order to get to where we want to go.

So what can you do to make the best of this time and energy? Ask yourself: What areas in life do you find draining? What parts of your life are you happy with? These answers will guide you to what doesn’t feel good in your world, and THAT’S what needs to change! This is not a time to numb yourself and put off thinking about the things that you spend so much energy on trying to avoid and ignore. This energy is kind enough to allow you to take the lead in transforming yourself, however; if you make no effort to look into yourself deeper, this energy has a way of forcing you to deal with the situations you want to avoid.

Will you roll with this energy, or be dragged?!

Remember to be kind and gentle with yourself. You will be thinking and feeling a lot of different things over the course of the days to come. Shifting your energy is never easy, but I promise you, you will be glad you let the process happen once you have all the great upcoming opportunities in front of you. They will only appear when you’ve taken the time to make the space in your life for positive people and situations to find their spot within your path. It’s time to level up!


– The Energy Boutique



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