It’s Going To Be A Bumpy Ride!

As we approach the Taurus Take-Over weekend, with the new moon, and the much awaited Uranus shift all into Taurus, we need to hold our focus as things may get a bit turbulent. Whether you are someone who enjoys the flutter of an elevator coming to a stop or not, we are about to feel the shift and we have to brace ourselves! If you haven’t already read your monthly horoscope for May, please read it here to be fully prepared for the events this month. Check out the ways the signs can remain focused while this elevator comes to a stop.


Aries: “Shake Your Money Maker”

With this shift focusing on your career, it’s important to remember to work LESS and not MORE. You have the ability to create a brand new energy around your career. You should focus your energy on bringing your existing ideas full circle, instead of brainstorming NEW ways to create a buzz. Your existing ideas to make that buzz happen need your energy and follow through.


Taurus: “Expect the Unexpected”

Just when you think you have it all figured out, what you like, what you don’t like, what you think you want, and how you feel about certain things, WILL CHANGE JUST… LIKE… THAT! You can literally wake up and see the world in a whole new way and have brand new perspective on each area of your life. Connections are strong with others, regardless of how hard you try and avoid social encounters, karma will find you! No need to worry Taurus, all of these changes are for the better!


Gemini: “Tripping Over Some Feelings”

The time has come Gemini, you ran, but you can’t hide. Your feelings and emotions catch up with you as the shift focuses on your inner self. You will connect with yourself on a new level, and feel some growth in your body, mind, and soul. Don’t be afraid to embrace this deeper side of yourself, as it will fuel the other areas of your life.


Cancer: “Choose to roll instead of being dragged.”

Whether you’re ready or not, Cancer, you are about to embark on a whole new way of life as every area of your life is is shifting into new experiences and beginnings. You should laugh your way through the adjustment, and learn to love yourself as you adjust to newness, no matter of how uncomfortable it may be. You will have a much better experience if you roll with the punches instead of being dragged through the mud of change. How you experience these new beginnings are up to you!


Leo: “It’s A Family Affair.”

This shift focuses on your home and family Leo. You will have many new members entering your circle this coming year, however, you lose a couple in this process too. Sometimes when we grow, people don’t know how to adapt to the new energy we carry which leads to a disconnect. Losing people along the way is part of the journey. Focus on the fact that those you lose make room for the new supportive ones that are want to join your circle.


Virgo: “Speak Up Virgo, We can’t hear you in the back!”

If there was ever a time for you to step up and have your voice heard Virgo, it’s now! You are about to gain a lot of recognition for all your hard work and this gives you a great platform to be heard. Whether you use your voice for Thanks or for change, it’s time for you to focus on owning your voice.


Libra: “A Blast From The Past”

This shift realigns you to revisit past people or experiences for an opportunity to rewrite how it all went down. Most people shrivel up thinking about the past rearing its ugly head, but this is a positive thing for you Libra. It’s going to catch you off guard and then make you relive a certain part of your life that needs to be adjusted karmically. Don’t worry Libra, the scales balance in your favor this time!


Scorpio: “Rise & Shine”

You should be use to rising up from the ashes in a new form Scorpio, it’s kind of your “thing”. Alas, a new dawn is upon us, and we are FINALLY ready to take the stage and be comfortable in the spotlight as we rewrite how things are going in our lives. You have the confidence required to capture the kind of abundance you crave, so get ready to be accepting of change!


Sagittarius: “ Breathing Easy”

Enjoy your downtime Sag. You just survived a long, hard battle and came out victorious. Enjoy the break and the calmness and use your time wisely to recover. Focus on restoring balance after battle, as your mind, body and soul need to balance itself QUICKLY before life takes off again requiring you to stay grounded. Take the time NOW, to rebuild yourself, so you won’t be swayed when the wind comes up again.


Capricorn: “New Prioritize

So it’s time to get serious and focus on your newest ideas and projects as you’ve spent the right amount of time thinking it all through. You’ve thought of everything Capricorn. Now it’s time to take action and make you dreams come true! You literally have the ability to make your dreams become something very real. Be sure you have your dreams right and then do what you gotta do to make it come to life!


Aquarius: “Proud & Loud”

There is no better time then now for you to stand up for your uniqueness and weirdness. you have the right platform to defend yourself and your beliefs and be heard! Times are a changing and you have just enough confidence (on top of your usual awesomeness) to be weird and be accepted. You have some really great, emerging ideas that you will find acceptance of when you deliver them in a way that people can understand them. You’re powerful right now Aquarius, focus your energy on speaking out, and speaking up!


Pisces: “Fantasy Fish”

You are about to dive into enchanted waters my fish friend. You are about to let loose and empower your carefree self by letting your mind drift off into dreamland where you feel most at home. You are going to swim into areas of mystery and intrigue, triggering the investigative part of your soul. enjoy the free swim Pisces, let the magical waters of life bring back the fantasy land you dream of.


Thank you so much for reading! Your love & support is greatly appreciated!

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