Venus Enters Cancer

Tomorrow, May 19th, Venus, the Goddess of Love, moves into Cancer, bringing a welcomed change to all of our lives. In astrology, it’s Venus that often dictates our love lives. When she struts her stuff through the heavens and into different zodiac signs, how love appears in our lives, changes.

Venus has been finishing up her time in Gemini, which was probably a rockier time for most of us. Even if you didn’t stray from your relationship, you felt torn about it in some way. Whether you weren’t quite sure if a particular person was “the one”, or you weren’t sure if you were ready to commit to a relationship, either way, something was unsettled in your love life.

Now, as Venus moves into Cancer, we are nearing the midpoint of the year, and reflecting on all the lessons that we have learned thus far. During the first six months of this year, we were challenged by the dark side (shadow side) of our hearts; the parts we try to hide, the parts we’re still healing, or even the parts that we knew needed to be set free. We were challenged, but we were also given those challenges as opportunities to grow.

We will see a shift within ourselves and our love lives now, because, if Venus is the Goddess that rules all things connected to love and beauty, then Cancer is where She calls home. Venus excels here, she’s comfortable here, which is important because it’s these qualities that will be surfacing for all of us in the coming weeks. Venus’ placement in Cancer triggers her wants, needs, and desires for a home, a family, and something that is so stable and grounding she never has to fear losing it. She wants to get married, to share lives, even homes, and ultimately to enter into the kind of partnership that radiates not only warmth and love, but also feels like home.

During this transit, we can expect some big changes, especially with Uranus just setting the stage by moving into Taurus. That transit shocked us awake with whatever our new reality is within us. This means that our relationships will be changing and likely will be getting much more serious.

From now until early July, we will likely see couples who want to commit to each other, not out of obligation but out of the sheer excitement of being able to spend the rest of their lives with the one person in the world who makes their life that much better.

Venus moving into Cancer is the ultimate time for upping your love game and getting serious about your commitments to another person. Don’t be surprised at how romantically ewey and gooey you get over the next several weeks, as there are parts of you being awakened by this planetary shift. Be open to love now, both from yourself and from other people.


– The East Coast Energy Boutique


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