New Moon in Gemini

With the New Moon happening this Wednesday, June 13th, it’s probably pretty likely that you’re starting to feel the effects. This New Moon in Gemini is also a Supermoon. You may have heard that term tossed around a couple of times before, so what exactly does a Supermoon mean?

A Supermoon is when the moon is closer to the earth than usual, which means the gravitational pull between the moon and earth will be stronger causing a greater pull within your body. As you know, moons directly effect the tides and the bodies of water here on earth. Regardless of whether you believe in moon magic or not, the scientific proof of the effect the moon has on bodies of water cannot be ignored. Because our bodies are made up of water, it only makes sense to have the gravitational pull effect us directly as well.

Gemini is an air element and rules the rational mind. It also rules socializing and networking. Gemini is also an innovator which supports thinking outside the box and doing things in a new way. It’s a very light-hearted and playful sign. With the New Moon in Gemini, you will feel supported to let loose a bit and take a more airy, unattached approach to the day to day issues around this moon.

Gemini carries a mentally stimulating energy. The New Moon in Gemini will cause the mind to be very active, and in some cases, overstimulated. This New Moon is a very intuitive time, as the water bodies with us are activated and stimulated, as the gravitational pull of the moon causes the water to shift within us. You may experience sudden bursts of inspiration and feel new ideas flowing in, pushing you to take action in bringing those ideas to life. You may also feel torn on every idea and decision that enters your mind at this time, as Gemini, represented in the zodiac as “The Twins”, will have you debating both sides of the coin. The urge to move in two totally different directions could cause you inner conflict, due to the Gemini energy wanting to experience both paths.

Be kind to yourself. If you find yourself at a crossroads, unable to decide which way to go, quiet your mind and focus on which direction will bring you closer to your end goal. Constantly be asking yourself, “Does this bring me closer to, or further away from my life path?” This, what could be confusing and conflicting energy, will actually help you prioritize what activities need your attention, and which ones can wait. Try to focus on the positives during this time, as the twins serve up good arguments for either side. Don’t let the negative talk win! Choose to feed the twin that empowers you and makes you feel like you do a great job at everything, instead of feeding the twin that rips you down and makes you feel less then. Which twin are you feeding?


Depending on your sign, and where Gemini sits in your chart, you may have a difficult time trying to harness this energy, and because of that, you will experience an energy that may cause you to feel nervous, irritable and even angry, if the energy isn’t harnessed properly. It’s important to strike a balance between the body and mind during these energies, as Gemini weighs a lot on the mind. When the mind is overstimulated, it spreads to the body causing physical symptoms similar to anxiety. Find activities to engage in over these next few days where your mind can be focused on one thing at a time. Writing, meditation, art, and mindful breathing exercises are super helpful! It’s also important to engage your body in activities that will help release some of that pent up energy. Any kind of exercise will be helpful at this time, as it helps to reduce the stress hormones within us and help to relieve tension and the physical symptoms that trapped energy can create.

If you use essential oil therapy, Frankincense, Cypress, Cedarwood, Douglas or Siberian fir, Lavender, or Juniper Berry may help to calm the mind and help you feel more centered. Do whatever you can to help yourself feel calm and grounded if the energy becomes uncomfortable in any way.

Use this powerful New Moon to help you see things from a different perspective. A shift in the way you look at things may open up new doors and opportunities to you. Each New Moon presents us with an opportunity to plant new seeds and set new intentions. To make the most of this time and energy, regardless of whether you feel like it’s working FOR you, or AGAINST you, make notes of the thoughts and feelings that arise during the next 3 days, so you can see what actions you need to implement to resolve any issue that doesn’t make you feel good. Even if you don’t take action right away, the New Moon in Gemini will help you identify the issues within that need attention once the energy supports action.

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Many blessings to you during this time!


– The East Coast Energy Boutique

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