Astro & Tarot Forecasts – July 2018


Hello and Welcome to July!


We start off this month with lots of planets in retrograde and many energy shifts at play. We open the month still riding the coat tails of the Capricorn Full Moon and the epic event of Mars going retrograde. Sidenote: Thank you SO MUCH for all the love and support on that article. It seems me opening myself up triggered a lot of people and I had the most amazing, comforting experience ever baring my soul.


To find out what July has in store for you, read your forecast below!


Aries (March 21 – April 19)



Hello Aries!


I’m so glad you are finally starting to feel like yourself again. It was a hard couple of months, and even though things aren’t QUITE how you need and want them to be, the energy around it all and within you has been much brighter and more positive than the months before. You struggled in June to face an issue that popped up into your life out of nowhere after being removed for so long. Somehow, you have found a way to make peace with it, even though you know you have to continuously work on keeping yourself in check and actively assessing what is out of balance in your life. The first part of July will focus on your second chance at making some edits and revisions to your income strategy and when Chiron, the wound healer retrogrades back into Pisces for a quick minute you will revisit some hard truths surrounding your income and how it has cause you pain and suffering in the past, and maybe even now too. When Jupiter (who has been in Scorpio working on our self-worth, money, possessions, and intimacy) finally goes direct, you will see that the wheel of fortune will pause just for the quickest moment for you to implement something new around the New Moon eclipse in the middle of the month. Luckily, eclipse season being upon us  seems to be in perfect alignment for you to implement something new to create a new income. There is a balance that you are striving for here among personal success, and your shared resources, also with being aware of the financial position among the partnerships that may exist in your life. We will end off the month with a very rare Full Moon in Aquarius, which will having you wanting to be as free as possible in every aspect of your life. Rebellion and conflict can occur and it allows you to be forced out of your comfort zone to fight for something you believe in, even if it causes you to be pushed out of your existing group or community. It’s at this time that you will find greater connections with those you encounter once you feel the desperation from the tight knit community you thought you were aligned with. Overall Aries, your July, although still actively offering challenges and rewards, is a brighter month for you compared to the last 3 months you’ve had. Have a great July!


Taurus (April 20 – May 20)



Hi Taurus!


You start off the month with a very high energy that could either be focused and expressed as passion, or anger. Either way you are taking charge and getting things done as quick as the Universe can throw you the curve balls. The energy will phase in and out as Chiron, the wounded healer, goes retrograde and slips back into Pisces again. We have a second chance to edit and rewrite a few paragraphs in the book of life we’ve created for ourselves based on the wounds and traumas that surface around this time. This will definitely illuminate the right area of concern for you when the New Moon eclipse occurs around the middle of the month. Even though you are on the right path, you will encounter some road blocks as you are challenged by the end of the month. We have a Full Moon eclipse at the end of July which may have you in a bit of a somber and reflective mode as you are witnessing the truth among the bonds you carry among your family, friendships, coworkers and community. We get the opportunity to see how much you’ve grown by seeing those you naturally fall away from because the energies no longer align. You are very serious towards the end of the month Taurus, so make sure you take the time to process you thoughts and feelings. Have a great July!


Gemini (May 21 – June 20)



Hi Gemini!


You start of the month of July with a bang as you are still riding high from starting your new natal year. You are definitely being more social – as if that was even possible – but yet find yourself crossing paths and circles with others who are outside your normal group of people. Love interests may arise at this time. Because Chiron, the wounded healer, goes retrograde into Pisces for the first week of July. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of any kind of relationship you are thinking of engaging in. We have a tendency to revisit some traumas and bad memories through new people during this time. Around the middle of the month you may find yourself revved up and ready to go to war as you’ve had enough of a certain person, behavior, or attitude, and you do your thing to kick it in the butt! Clearing out the old is something that needs to happen for you to implement something new with the new moon eclipse. Even though this might not be a pleasant time, you have the warrior attitude instead of a wounded warrior’s perspective, so I have faith you will exit this challenge a winner. The kicking ass and taking names continues until the end of the month when we have the Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius lending you the energy to fight for more freedom. However that manifests in your life, whether it be a relationship, job, or living situation, something’s changing for the better because you decided you’re worth it! Have a great July Gemini!


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)



Hi Cancer!


Happy birthday! Well, what a start to your new natal year! You’ve done a lot of purging up until now making room for all the good changes to come. Granted, it’s not quite over yet. We are in your season and in true Cancer fashion, the feels are through the roof! With Chiron, the wounded healer, retrograding into Pisces in the first week, you can expect it to bring up some of your own wounds caused by love. Relationships are very complex. There are many ways love can manifest in one’s life and the way you choose your relationships might be under the telescope. What you’ll find when you take a closer look is that these relationships unveil a lot about how you nurture others, nurture yourself, and how YOU need to be nurtured. This new mindset will kick in around the middle of the month when the New Moon eclipse takes place. Be sure to remain aware of the balance, or lack there of, between your thoughts and your emotions. You may find your mental anxiety and exhaustion is at an all time high. That energy will stick around towards the end of July when we have the Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius. You will have a huge shift within that will allow you to adopt new ways of thinking, in alignment with your heart on choosing the relationships that will remain in your life. Have a great July Cancer!


Leo (July 23 – August 22)



Hi Leo!


You start of the first of July with multiple changes and events happening in different areas of your life all at once. We are in the season to rebuild and rewrite our plans and you do this with much power and strength. Your wounds and past traumas may resurface as Chiron, the wounded healer, goes retrograde into Pisces. This may identify a past relationship that either didn’t get off to a good start, or didn’t get started at all, a second chance! This energy will be fully supported around the middle of the month when we have a New Moon eclipse that will support a “second chance at building” kind of energy. Conflicts can be resolved, and endings can be better accepted. You carry a much more serious tone into the end of the month when you may retreat a bit from your normal positioning among your friends, family, and coworkers. It’s very a much a time you will go inward before re-emerging with a new found strength and perspective after going after what it is you actually want in life and love. Have a great July Leo.


Virgo (August 23 – September 22)



Hi Virgo!


You start off the month of July in a strong, ready to take on the world, kind of energy only to have Chiron, the wounded healer, go retrograde into Pisces. This will aid you in your quest to take the leadership role and get things done, as long as you focus the energy correctly and don’t let it overflow into anger and aggression. We have as New Moon eclipse taking place around the middle of the month that will have money on your mind. A new way of budgeting or being organized with money will be implemented in your financial area. This New Moon energy is something that will support any changes made under careful review and revision. This is a time that the edits take hold, so create your new plan accordingly. Feeling a sense of accomplishment from “taking care of business” , you give yourself permission to relax and unwind by having a bit more fun in social situations. This playful energy continues until the end of the month where the Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius will have you feeling a the freedom Aquarius desires. Carefully though, this alignment involves Pluto in a situation where transformation is the focus, so your freedom will definitely come at a price. Have a great July Virgo!


Libra (September 23 – October 22)



Hi Libra!


Phew! What a roller coaster June was, am I right?! Taking a look back on the month I bet you are super surprised just how much has happened and all that you accomplished in that short amount of time. We start July off with Chiron, the wounded healer, going retrograde into Pisces. This will definitely bring up some not so good things from the past but you won’t be the living example this time. Instead, you are watching those around you struggle in ways that you use to. but because you’ve grown so much and evolved as a human and a soul you are able to recognize these characteristics and situations and have empathy for them, and for yourself. It’s through other people that we realize how far we’ve come. The New Moon eclipse takes place in the middle of the month and you will see that you find yourself feeling an emotion that you don’t normal feel; contentment! Relish in these feelings and moments Libra! You have totally earned them. For a small, short amount of time you get to experience balance. It doesn’t last long as you move towards the end of July with a focus on the LACK OF instead of what you’ve GAINED. Because your financial situation has improved, but not yet to your liking, it causes a conflict within you, throwing your internal scales off balance once again. This is not a time to think in the terms of LACK. These eclipses provide the energy to FEEL what we focus on, so let’s focus on balance and stability instead of what you don’t have yet. Have a great July Libra!


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)



Hi Scorpio!


You’re being shown how tough you really are my Scorpio friend, and not that it’s fair, but it’s a must! You have spent so much energy focusing on manifesting the life you envision but to make such a dramatic switch means dramatic changes must happen. Who better to handle the weight of the world on their shoulders. As the Universe is constantly breaking things down for you to rebuild in a better way. We start off the month with Chiron, the wounded healer planet retrograding into Pisces. Your pain and suffering are going to be the main focus especially on your finance sector. Because Jupiter, who has been retrograde in Scorpio is almost ready to go direct, all the luck, fortune and expansion that was set to happen in your finance sector is finally going to blossom. You have new money on the way, it just hasn’t landed in your possession yet. You know it’s coming though, you feel it in your soul. The wheel of fortune card stands proud as we have the New Moon eclipse in the middle of the month shortly after Jupiter goes direct. Expect lots of changes in your luck and career area as the wheel changes pace and starts moving in the other direction. Do not focus on that which hasn’t appeared yet, and yet, hold onto every good thing that blesses your life now, no matter how small. It takes time to rebuild your life Scorpio, and li=luckily for you, time is going to be on your side as you head towards the end of the month’s Full Moon eclipse energy and you step up to be free of the burdens you’ve been suffering from. You will experience baby steps in your freedom and find yourself living a whole new life by Fall. Have a great July Scorpio!


Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)



Hi Sagittarius!


You start the month off with Chiron, the wounded healer, triggering some old wounds you may have around money and the power it may have over you. Instead of using the funds for good, are you being shown where your spending habits may have caused your harm? Chances are, it happened in the past and hopefully you are not experiencing this lesson first hand. instead these memories and wounds are being opened up for you to reprocess them, and re-edit a few things in your budget. The New Moon eclipse takes place in the middle of the month which highlights your wants, needs and desires to do something more than what you’re currently doing in life. This is eclipse season we are being offered the energy to recognize, release and replace our beliefs and structures. You will head into the end of he month’s Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius with the feeling that you need to break free of the financial and luck patterns that seem to limit you. This is overall, a tough month for you to grasp financially, as the energy shifts cause you to face your spending habits dead on.


Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)



Hi Capricorn!


You start off the month of July feeling as though the Universe is somehow punishing you for the changes that have been taking place. You have created some of those changes yourself by the ideas you’ve been holding, but mostly there are external factors at play now thst influence your life in a big way. The first week of July, Chiron, the wounded healer, goes retrograde and allows past pains and suffering to rise to the surface to be revisited, revised, and rewritten. You have financial news towards the middle of the month as Jupiter goes direct and causes a positive influx of income. This aligns perfectly with the New Moon eclipse and you will see some new habits come from the increased income to now support some lifestyle changes you’ve been wanting to make. You head into the month’s Full Moon eclipse with a high level of anxiety and mental exhaustion. You have the tendency to be a little bit dark and be negative about change. Just realize that change is inevitable and that this particular change is short, and not long lasting. Have a great July Capricorn!


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)



Hi Aquarius!


You start off the month of July in a bit of a state of chaos. Things are a bit unorganized and out of control, and there is a strong need for discipline and leadership to straighten this mess out. Chrion, the wounded healer, goes retrograde into Pisces causing you to focus on past wounds and traumas especially surrounding the chaos in your life. It looks like you are being triggered by this energy shift and you take the offensive side and set off into the horizon baring the weapons you aren’t afraid to use to defend your rights and beliefs. The New Moon eclipse in the middle of the month, highlights where huge transformations need to take place in your life, illuminating where you are limited and require more freedom. You head into the Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius at the end of the month ready to cut the cords from what keeps you attached and bonded in a way you want to escape. You find yourself emotional activated at this time as you are passionately standing up for yourself and making the changes needed to secure the freedom you desire. Have great July Aquarius!


Pisces (February 19 – March 20)



Hi Pisces!


You head into the month of July with Chiron, the wounded healer, bringing out old traumas and wounds from the past. Financially, you are in a state where you are providing for others and taking on the role with grace, However, Chiron rips the bandaid off of these feelings, having you feel your way through the old issues you carry forward surrounding the financial stability, or lack there of.  As you connect to the mother energy, this can be you, your mother, or overall, suggesting the nurturing role of the family unit as a Mother would. The New Mon eclipse takes place in the middle of the month bringing the issues surrounding your magic touch and the guidance you have within into focus. You have created a disconnect with yourself in the past, and this New Moon eclipse shows you what new ideas and/or perspectives you can invite into your world to trust yourself again and know you can create your own stability and magic in life. You carry a super serious tone heading into the end of the months’s Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius as you connect with the suffering feelings and energies of all of those fighting for freedom. Whether it be on a small scale within your own life or on a global scale, these are times of transformation which you encourage, but you suffer greatly with the pain you yourself experience in that quest, and that which you feel for others fighting that fight. Have a great July Pisces!

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Much love and many blessings to you during this time!



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