Friday The 13th

Most of us dread when the old Friday the 13th rolls around. When you’re raised on horror films and the iconic JASON from the FRIDAY THE 13TH movies, how could you really get excited for such a dark and destructive day?!

The truth is, most horrible things in life happen on every other day in calendar other than Friday the 13th. Today’s “bad luck day” is actually anything BUT bad luck. It does carry a super intense energy though, as we have many astrological events taking place around this already energetically charged day. When you think about how many people in the world are superstitious (whether they admit it or not) you can get a good idea of the global energy being sent out in vibrational frequency. In the same way that Universal prayer can create positive effects, having a collective negative energy can create the same vibration with negative effects. When you consider that what you send out into the world is what you attract, accidents can easily happen when you focus your energy on being overly cautious because the calendar says it’s the day for bad things to happen.


Astrologically, today is a very powerful, but positive energy. We have just had our fortune and luck button pressed with Jupiter turning direct this past Tuesday, and the partial solar eclipse has activated our memories and themes from 8 – 10 years ago. What were you dealing with at that time? With the new moon in cancer, there is an even greater focus on the themes that may have created hurts among the family unit, with the Mother in particular. Many people are suddenly having the feeling that they have been thrown 10 years back in the past to deal with some issues that really haven’t demanded much attention over the years, but now, needs attention and closure.

In my own life, I have experienced these forces in ways that I couldn’t even have predicted. My Mother’s side of the family had a huge falling out about 8 years ago and never really recovered. With so many different personalities involved, all having thoughts, feelings, and perspectives, that differed completely from one another, hurt feelings and frustration caused a disconnect over time. This put a strain on all the relationships involved (sisters, cousins, aunts, mothers, grandmothers) were effected and dramatically altered. With astrological aspects at play, we all found ourselves together, in the same room, organically and without force, laughing, talking, and reminiscing without pain, trauma or effort. It was a freaking miracle! That was the first time we were all in the same space in 8 years!!


Another great thing about Friday, the 13th, is it was exactly 11 years ago today that I brought home my very first dog, first love, first soulmate, Taeya Lyn MaGooberface. That was the best day of my life! So for me, Friday the 13th, especially the ones that take place in July, holds great memories and since then I have celebrated the day in happiness instead of being nervous and fearful.

You may find yourself revisiting issues concerning the home, the relationships within it, and feeling as if you are repeating a cycle, but this time, you will have a different outcome due to the support of the cosmos. Jupiter lends its positivity and good luck to situations that need healing. The partial solar eclipse lends us the energy to revisit issues with a new perspective, taking new actions and efforts to steer the situation to a better conclusion, and the new moon in cancer today lends us the energy to implement new patterns, thoughts and behaviors concerning the motherly issues you may be harbouring in your heart. It’s time to transform that pain into something powerful such as forgiveness and understanding.

Sometimes, when we really stop to think about it, encountering Jason from Friday the 13th movies might seem less painful and traumatic as dealing with our own feelings and family issues. It’s harder to run from yourself and your heart then it is to run from a chainsaw yielding psycho. For those of you looking to break the cycle, and do the inner work necessary to evolve and grow, I suggest you prepare yourself for a horrific Friday the 13th by facing your shadowside head on, no mask, and bare your soul to heal the hurt. If you don’t, you can count on being faced with these feelings and situations again in the future, as we spiral though the lessons of life.

Use this positive energy and supportive planetary alignments to deal with the themes that arise so you can move forward in a new light.

If you require assistance in navigating your energy and how to best approach the themes and situations arising, please book a session online.

Many blessing & much love to you during this time!



Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor 

East Coast Energy Boutique

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