This Week In The Cosmos – August 5 – 12

This week is going to pack a couple of lovely punches right to our solar plexuses.

Yesterday, August 6th, we had Venus move into Libra, which is a great transit for us! Venus – the planet of love, beauty, and money – is most at home in the sign of Libra. This energy is best expressed through the way we experience relationships, the way we feel about all things beautiful, how we seek pleasure, and how we spend and feel about our money.

Because Libra is all about what’s fair and just – and forever seeking balance – you can be sure to feel the inner shift as we re-evaluate the ways of our relationships, what we find beauty and pleasure in, and of course how we balance the scales of our bank accounts.

Venus travels through Libra for the next 3-4 weeks, and as she journeys you can expect the focus of the themes and energies to shine bright lights on the areas of your life that need a bit of balance.

With the spotlight on relationships, this planetary alignment will have you feeling flirty and really attractive. For those of you singles out there, this could be a great time to attract a partner for both short, and long-term romances. Couples will find themselves reignited in the playful energy of the relationship, unless of course the relationship isn’t in the greatest place, and therefore can be susceptible of being analyzed and criticized.

The negative aspects of this transit could leave you feeling unattractive in your relationship, and realizing that there isn’t much left that brings you pleasure from the union. Money issues could be brought up and fought over, and during these very energetically charged times, many relationships already in a lower energy vibration, could very well find themselves realizing internally, that the relationship has begun it’s ending.

Libra’s darker characteristics could very well rear their ugly heads in certain situations as being superficial and overly detached. If this energy is embodied and exhibited, there’s a very high risk of ruining existing relationships. The whole objective for Venus in Libra is to strengthen the relationships in our lives and cultivate a union of balance. So watch your words and how they are said. Tone is everything!

The social butterfly energy of Libra will have you feeling more chatty and interactive with people. This is a great energy for networking and of course acquiring a new love interest if you’re single and ready to mingle. Don’t let the Libra’s indecisiveness get in the way, though. You may find yourself in a place where you are unable to make a decision, or even commit to an idea, plan, or person.

Venus is Libra is a great time to get dolled up and hit the town. There’s a very fine line to walk throughout this transit, making sure you are spending the much needed time and effort of beautifying yourself, or your environment, without breaking the bank. Spending habits could grow out of control under this energy, so make sure you are sticking to your budget as you hit the town for dancing and dinner.

The signs most effected by this transit are Taurus, and the air signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. To find out how Venus in Libra will effect you directly, please book a MINI READING with ASTROLOGY as your focus.

Today, August 7th, we have Uranus – the planet of surprises, independence, revolution, and innovation – moving into Taurus, where it will stay for the next 7 years. This is a MAJOR shift in energy. The outer planets have a much longer orbit than the inner planets, so because it takes these outer planets a much longer time to shift signs, when they do, you can definitely feel their influence!

With this transit, we will see how traditional ways of our existing economy will be hesitantly transformed. Because Taurus is an earth sign and governs self-sufficient and sustenance, we are going to see a huge reform in the way our food supply is farmed. Although the Taurus energy is a fixed sign, not liking change and very stubborn to move forward, there will be a conflict between that energy and the energy of Uranus, who wants nothing more than to evolve and revolutionize the ways we are currently operating.

With the new, innovative ideas Uranus will be bringing to the table, we will see new scientific developments that will help farmers to grow their crops more quickly and efficiently. Uranus moving into Taurus has a generational effect on us, effecting us globally, as a whole, instead of individually, like the inner planets seem to do. With this generational influence, we may see solutions to end world hunger, and to clean up the food we are currently eating. We are at a place in the world where we are more open and accepting of the concept that food be medicine, and in a global health crisis, with sickness and diseases at a new all time high, there is no better time to go back to basics and look at the land for solutions and answers.

Taurus also rules money, and paired up with the technological energy of Uranus, we may just see currency move completely in the digital world. Astrostyle  goes in depth on this topic in their latest article which you can read more of here as they talk about how Amazon is currently testing a “cashless” technology where everything purchased in a traditional brick and mortar shop will all be paid by a mobile app! What’s super interesting is to know, is that the last time Uranus was in Taurus, we had the worldwide launch of ATMs and the introduction of the physical shopping cart!

There are many exciting things we can expect to see launched over the next 7 years with this transit, and of course, the pros and cons of each new idea implemented will be debated and worked through. Personally, I fear these changes will be eliminating many jobs currently performed by humans that will eventually be taken over by robots and machines, but that’s a topic for another time.

This energy shift will be felt pretty deeply as we have other planetary alignments that are making us super sensitive to the shifts lately. No doubt, the next 7 years will reveal both the rising and the falling of our evolution as far as the global economy is concerned.

Tomorrow, August 8, we are going to experience a pretty significant energy shift as the Lion’s Gateway opens. Every year on August 8th (8/8), the cosmic alignment of the Earth, the star Sirius, and the Galactic Center, all end up perfectly positioned and aligned in the sky in the sign of Leo, thus why it’s called the Lion’s Gateway.

When this alignment takes place, we will experience a high rate of increased energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms. This surge of energy directly effects our DNA as our energy bodies are infused and downloaded with an energetic upgrade, an “awakening” so to speak. The vibrational frequencies are so high, that many of us will feel both the energetic and physical effects of this infusion on our physical and energy bodies. This is a supercharged download with an accelerated integration process.

What does this mean?! Basically, we are upgrading. Many of us have been going through utter turmoil waiting for huge changes to either take place, or waiting to see what’s next for us if the changes have already happened. This isn’t on a small scale either. We are talking about life changing, and life altering themes being spotlighted. Long lasting relationships are either just beginning or ending, career changes and the quest to align with your life path or inner calling will be a huge focus, your health issues will resolve as others are about to enter a time of health crisis or focus, and the overall ongoing detachment from material things will be a huge theme for everyone doing inner soul work.

Everything has been, and continues to be, under review, as we are energetically being forced to embrace our authentic selves, and step away from the ego based programming we have been operating from. Although these sound like scary, life changing events, rest assured that all of the changes are being brought up and carried through for our highest good. The transformative process of letting go of the old habits and ways of thinking and operating get a bit messy, but the ultimate result of all this inner work will be worth every last struggle once we are standing in our truth and embodying the love and light that infuses us during this beautiful galactic alignment.

As if the energies of the last few months weren’t enough for us to deal with, the energy will be the strongest tomorrow when the gateway fully opens. In order to stay as grounded as possible throughout this time, please make sure you are doing all you can to find, and hold onto your center. If you haven’t read How To Ground According to Your Zodiac, please read that now as it will be super helpful for you to understand how to ground through these very powerful shifts. Engage in mediation practices during these times, and spend as much time out in nature as possible.

The whole objective for these downloads is to help us align our hearts and our heads; aligning our inner worlds to our outer worlds, and encouraging us to shine our light in times of darkness.

The last astrological event that takes place this week, which many people have been waiting for, is the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th.

With 6 planets in retrograde, and eclipse season almost coming to an end, this partial solar eclipse will be less intense than the last astrological events, but not by much. This eclipse will mark the ending of eclipse season, and with it, bring an element of closure to the mess that was made of our lives since May.

In fact, if you think back to last August, a certain topic or theme was triggered with the solar eclipse during that time that will come full circle and get the closure it requires with this last partial solar eclipse on August 11th. If you want to go WAY back, themes and topics from July of 2000 will resurface in order for you to re-examine those past issues with a new understanding and perspective.

Lots of old memories and ideas will creep back into your mind as we build up to the new moon solar eclipse event, as the eclipse will breathe fresh air and new life into these old dusty ways of thinking and feeling. The beauty of solar eclipses are that they bring in new, fresh ideas, and ways of thinking. New habits, partnerships and ventures will form, and you will clearly see how past failures can be revived with a new energy that will lead to success. This new moon solar eclipse is what we’ve been waiting for!

As always, if you require assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online and I’d be happy to help! To understand what areas of your life will be most effected and altered, book a MINI READING with ASTROLOGY as the focus and I’d be more than happy to explain these events based on your Birth Chart.

Please sign up to the newsletter if you haven’t already. I am planning some super special things that will only be offered to subscribers only. You can sign up by clicking here!

It will be an interesting week of energies with many “Ah-ha moments” and truckloads of clarity. Just hold on a little bit longer to see your new, upgraded-self that will be revealed over the next week.

Many blessings to you during this time!

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