Saturn Goes Direct


Think back to April, what chaos and crisis graced your presence? Saturn, the planet of discipline, self limitations, and karma, began it’s retrograde period (appearing to move backwards in it orbital path) on April 17th. This planet started its retrograde literally 2 days after the first Mercury retrograde of the year had ended. Saturn’s retrograde effects kind of snuck in under the radar, cloaking itself under the normal chaos of a Mercury retrograde. It wasn’t before too long that many of us began to see Saturn’s effects in our own lives.

Whether you lost jobs, or friends, shifted financial situations, or just got weighted down with all of the past choices you’ve made, and how they played out in your life, Saturn happened! Regardless of what got spotlighted in your life, boundaries have been tested, and in some cases shattered all together in efforts for you to restructure yourself, your beliefs and current living situations.

Saturn has forced us to look inward, and analyze the choices that we’ve made for ourselves, more importantly the mistakes we’ve made, and whether or not we’ve actually learned from them. If you think back to who you were in April, you will find that the same person no longer exists inside you. You’ve had too much growth since then to remain the same. Although change is usually faced with an element of resistance, regardless of whether you choose to roll or be dragged, you’ve changed, you’ve grown, you’ve evolved!

Saturn’s retrograde has been chalked full of ah-ha moments and inner realizations. There has been much clarity revealed in your life of seeing how your previous decisions have added to, or taken away from you’re current level of success.

Being the strict Father energy of astrology, Saturn has spotlighted the areas of our lives that we need to grow up and take more responsibility for, holding us accountable for our actions (or non-actions) in our overall placement on our path.

Because of the energy of this retrograde has caused us all to look inward, many of us have become obsessed with our past, more specifically the decisions or “mistakes” that have taken place. It’s important to revisit the past and do what we can to make peace with it. Whether the situation has called for you to make amends with others, or whether it’s forced you to make amends with yourself, forgiveness has to happen.

Many times we must forgive ourselves first for not knowing better, acting better, and making bad choices in life. Accept the role you played in the karmic events of the past, and through forgiveness you are able to absorb the lesson at hand and incorporate those lessons into your being for future knowledge. It’s important to leave the past in the past. Do not fixate on your past to the point where it’s very much a part of your present. Saturn’s retrograde supports us in going to our past to help clean up the mess and heal from it, but it’s up to us to know when to walk away from the past, and focus on our here and now.

On September 6, 2018, Saturn goes direct, putting the 5 month reign of restriction and responsibility to rest. It’s important to take in all you’ve experienced and learned over the last 5 months, and use the new knowledge you’ve obtained to better yourself. There is no time like the present to implement healthy habits and lifestyle changes into your day to day regimen. Your goal each and every day, should be to exceed the person you were the day before. Keeping a solid focus on your future, and on the grand vision that you hold for yourself, ask yourself daily, “what can I do, here and now, to get me closer to the version of my life that I want to be living?” Having an awareness of your inner and outer worlds and how they are either in or out of alignment with each other will give you a clear compass and indicator on what needs more attention in your life to become balanced.

If Saturn truly is the strict Father of astrology, then we must show him that we have learned our lesson, that we are able to see what our role and responsibility was in our lives, and we are ready to show up and make the changes necessary for our Father to be proud of us. As always, the shift that takes place among these powerful planets can be felt on every level, mind, body and soul.

As Saturn comes to a complete standstill before moving in the forward direction on its path, you will feel the shift in energy both inside and out. The challenges and obstacles you have faced in your external world will even out and start showing you signs that you are now on the right path. You will also feel this shift on the inside, as the chaos you’ve been feeling, and the low, heavy, depressive energy that has snuck inside you, will resolve and transform into a much more stable, clear, and motivating energy to get the show on the road. We have a new goal to reach, a new chapter to start, and a new karmic path to begin. Breathe a huge sigh of relief today, and congratulate and celebrate yourself for not only surviving this planetary shift, but for the growth you’ve nurtured along the way.

If you require any assistance navigating this energy, please feel free to book a session online, and I’d be happy to help!

Many blessings to you during this time!

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