Ending September With A Bang

On your mark… Get set…. GO!

As the energy to “take action” has been building under the organized and detailed influence of Virgo season, we are now going to hit the ground running. As the gun fires to mark the beginning of the race, we give it everything we got to reach the finish line ending many karmic agreements. Many of us have been in the awkward space between chapters ending, but new chapters not quite ready to begin. In this last week of September, we will have lots of planetary support to step out of the planning and visualization stage of our new goals and dreams, and into a place of power and action.

On September 21st, we have Mercury, the planet of communication and conversation moving into Libra, the sign of balance, harmony, and one-on-one relationships. Remember how Virgo season came with a warning to be mindful about how you speak to others, and yourself? How to be mindful that Virgo energy could make your tongue sharp and maybe exercise critical judgement on yourself or others? Well, Mercury moving into Libra will provide you with an opportunity to clear the air in any conversation that potentially hurt others or caused confusion during the Virgo season. With Mercury in Libra, we can expect everyone to lower their voices and be calmer, more pleasant and gentle. Libra is a very harmonious sign, offering balance and fairness into all that we do. Because Libra is focused on relationships (not just romantic ones), the way we communicate one-on-one will be heightened as we have the opportunity to clear the air (if needed), and to express ourselves with such ease and kindness that you can get to the bottom of any issue without “shit hitting the fan”.

On September 22nd, we have our Equinox! It is at this time of year that we focus on our abundance, as our ancestors used this time to harvest their crops, to help them last through the dark days of winter. It’s important for you to recognize that this is a changing time in your spiritual journey. It’s a time to quiet the mind and look inward to see what messages come up for you. If you recognize that you have a “lack” perspective (not having enough, money, energy, food, etc.), I invite you to shift your focus on what you DO have, and adopt the abundance perspective (I have love, support, shelter, etc.). As the seasons change, so do our Souls. This is a time to reflect on all we’ve accomplished and what parts within us that still need to be healed. Winter is a time for healing, so it’s only natural that we shift our focus into tying up lose ends in our harvest period, before entering into a state of hibernation and healing.

On September 23rd, we have the Sun moving from its time in Virgo, to entering into Libra until October 22nd. Libra season is a time when the scales of life are balanced, both naturally, or with a gentle, but loving nudge. There is an air about Libra season that literally sweeps change in so gently and peacefully, that you may not even realize the changes have taken place. Libra is all about what is fair and just in the world. If you have any legal matters on your plate, Libra energy will support you, making sure the decision is as fair as possible. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, rules Libra making things of beauty and luxury a focal point. Libra gentle sweeps into our lives and makes things balanced and pretty again. Relationships, both old and new, will benefit from Libras energy, as there is nothing more important under this influence then making sure the relationships are balanced and filled with love.

On September 24th, we have the Full Moon (all about our feelings and what needs to be released) in Aries the sign of action, energy, and passion. This planetary alignment will allow each of us to step into a place of power. We will be able to take charge of situations that we’ve been struggling to make sense of. I have been speaking about how the energy hasn’t been ready to support implementing NEW actions, and how we’ve been in a state of planning and visualizing our next moves in life. Under this Full Moon energy, we are going to switch our focus from planning and visualizing to actually DOING! This is an exciting time as many of us has been bursting at the seams with energy to start taking action and making steps in your new path and new goals. Beware and ensure that this pent up energy is exerted in productive ways, as it has the potential for being displayed through acts of anger. Aries, notorious for being hot-headed when the energy isn’t released properly, can have our passion crossing the line into anger and/or irritability. The Full Moon intensifies our emotions anyways, regardless of what sign its in, so this placement in Aries can only intensify those particular feelings of intense passion or anger. Anything goes under this Full Moon! Things will come to light under this full that may surprise you. Whatever you’ve been feeling good about or feeling like you need more information on before acting, will suddenly reveal different feelings or perspectives. It’s okay to change your mind, it’s okay to re-edit your plans, and most of all, it’s okay to feel differently about taking certain actions in your life. This Full Moon in Aries is the starting line for the new paths we are about to walk. We’ve surveyed the course, identified potential obstacles, we’ve visualized running the course and crossing the finish line as a victor, and now we are at the starting line, in position waiting for the gun to go off, 3, 2, 1…. GO!

Lastly, on September 30th, we have Pluto the planet of transformation, going DIRECT in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of career, rules, and responsibilities. After its 5 month retrograde, we are now ready to unleash our inner warrior and release our deepest and darkest dreams and desires onto the world. Think back to April, is that when all the walls came tumbling down around you? Many of us have had our structures rattled and some have even fallen to the ground. Whether this took place in your career, home life, or relationships, we have been politely avoiding cleaning up the mess. Now that the energy from the Aries Full Moon has waved the green flag to go and get moving, there is no denying the pile of rubble in our lives now. We have had the organized and detailed energy of Virgo season to help us think and analyze how we are going to clean up the mess, but now with Pluto going direct, we have the broom and dust pan in hand to scoop up the debris and see what we can do with it. For some, we will toss the rubble into the trash and start on a fresh, clean slate. For others, we will pick out some chunks that we can use to create something better than it was orginally. Either way, the time for action and transformation is NOW, and this will help us put a firm ending to some karmic cycles as we step into our power and start anew!

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Much love to you during this time!

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