How I Deal With Non-Believers

Recently, I had the experience where a stranger had commented on one of my Weekly Insight posts on Facebook, making the comment that they didn’t believe in “this” or in mediums.

I had responded to that comment, first in my head thinking, “Ugh, why do people feel the need to comment like this instead of just moving onto the next thing in their newsfeed?” Then in my heart, “My God, how broken this person must be to make a point of commenting like this. It’s so sad that he feels this way!” And then, with my words, “That’s fine, you are entitled to your beliefs… Feel free to not visit my page again… <3”

To my surprise, I got quite a bit of support from some followers on my page. I wasn’t surprised that they are awesome, because that I know, but surprised my comment received that kind of reaction. The comment I made got many likes and hearts. I even had people reaching out to me, expressing how frustrating people who chose to stand out in that way (among a community who obviously believes very much in Spirit, the Universe, and their version of God), actually are.

I feel sad for people aren’t open to things they don’t understand or aren’t familiar with. I, in no way want people to believe in what I believe in, just for the sake of being “right”. I do however, want people to believe in something, regardless of whether that be in alignment to my own personal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. I feel disappointed when people feel the need to stand up for themselves, JUST to oppose others.

I don’t feel good when people are closed minded. I feel like that’s where our greatest divide happens here on earth. We as humans (egos), are programmed to want to be right, and to get others to be on our side.

When people, (like this gentleman) who go out of their way to comment on a post, (an intuitive exercise to be in touch with our souls, that actually provides many people comfort and confirmation of their own intuitive thoughts and feelings), hurts my soul. Not because I want him to believe in what I believe, not because I want him to like my page or my post, but because it hurts my Soul to think he has denied love to a part of himself, by not being open to others, out of fear.

Not being open to others, suggesting that because they don’t believe in the same things must make them wrong for believing in such things, that division, has made us into the monstrous species that we are today.

Divided by race, sex, religion, and politics; (actually, humans have taken that to the extremes with serious divides among sports teams, and even such topics such as vaccines and what color the dress looks like to you), we are in constant opposition. Most of the time, over stupid sh*t!

We have many awakened Souls around the world from all races, all sexes, religions, (and sports teams-haha), that recognize that our Souls all come from same source, that we all worship the same “God” just under different names. Because of that awareness, we recognize that we are all sources of love. When we see how we are all connected, we are open to love instead of fear. We then recognize where love needs to be infused, by that in which we choose to divide us.

The earth, and its current state of energetic vibration and frequency, is in a war over love. In every corner of the earth, we are seeing horrendous acts of darkness, of hate, of fear. And in those same corners of darkness, we have individuals who recognize our Soul’s connection, who recognize right versus wrong, and who recognize love versus fear, and over and over again, they choose love. They stand up, and act as a beacon of light and love for the rest of the world to see.

On many platforms in our world right now, we are seeing huge, historic, movements of love, from unbelievable situations of hate. The women’s rights movement is very much alive and well, our global politics are beyond bizarre, and so many life lessons being learned on a global level. We have had some of the most powerful souls, sent here to earth, in this lifetime, under this specific Soul contract, showing up here, enduring horrible acts of darkness, and in the face of fear, they choose love.

To stand up for one’s self, is standing up Souls all around the world. These Souls are here, living out their own Soul Contracts for the greater good of the global frequency to tune into love over hate. We are choosing love in the most hateful of situations. We are proving that when you are in touch with that deeper part of you, regardless of your sex, your race, or your beliefs, you are able to honor others, even if they are different from you.

So the only way to deal with these “non-believers”, is to love them on their path. They aren’t ready to be opened up to a world inside them that identifies with what it is they fear. They aren’t ready to evolve that part of their Soul. We have to assume that their Soul contract here on earth, is to learn lessons that will help their Soul evolve to the point where it not only recognizes the Soul and oneness in others, but that they are open to the Soul, the source of love for all beings, residing within themselves.

So to those of you who liked my response to this man’s out-of-place-comment, Thank You! Not only for your support, but for being open enough within your own selves, that you can recognize when another Soul isn’t aware of its earthly mission, which is to love. You being open, and aware, in touch, and connected with your Soul, the Souls of others, and showing love in opposition to hate, has helped our global frequency to pulsate even more love into the Universe. We are winning. Love always wins.

Many blessings to you during these times!


Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique

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