Moon, Mercury,Venus & Jupiter All In Scorpio

Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac… It is about death, rebirth, regeneration, transformation, and everything mystical… Its an intense energy, a detective of truth, a deep, passionate energy… As a water sign Scorpio is able to appear like a gentle babbling brook, or a destructive hurricane…

The moon is all about how we feel, our intuition, and very emotional… The moon in Scorpio is very intense as we reflect on deep matters of the soul… we recognize the truth (or the bullshit) of a situation, and our intuition is right on the money…

Mercury is the planet of communication, information and how we process and interpret the details of our lives… It being in Scorpio will leave us speaking with an element of depth… shallow conversations have no use here… we are able to detect the truth of situations and sort through the details in a way that uncovers even the darkest truths…

Venus is the planet of love, relationships, comfort and everything that brings you pleasure… it’s placement in Scorpio now will have a huge focus on our relationships and how we give and receive love… we are digging deep to identify how we love ourselves and others… and what in life brings us joy… Venus being in Scorpio in a Retrograde position means that we are going backwards in these areas… ex lovers could reappear… relationship issues could come up again… deep pains could be resurfacing… whatever the case, it’s pretty intense!!

Jupiter is the planet of expansion… it makes everything a bigger deal than it has to be… so with all of these planets in Scorpio… the watery emotions will flow… the details of our conversation could get stretched out a bit, on the verge of exaggeration… And the truths of LOVE will be revealed in a perspective changing way… we are all under the influence of getting to the bottom of every situation and feeling… and have the ability under this energy to transform what we don’t like into something we do… ❤️🦂❤️

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