Welcome To Scorpio Season!


The time has come that we slip into the mysterious side of life as Scorpio season takes over. Scorpio being the most mis-understood sign of the zodiac, is a natural detective that isn’t afraid to dive deep within one’s self to explore the inner most dreams and desires of our Soul. Notoriously known for death, rebirth, transformation, and all things mystical in life, Scorpio season will lend us the power and energy to transform parts of ourselves and areas of our lives from something that has been working against you, into something so beautifully powerful, that it embodies the Phoenix, regenerating itself from the ashes, transforming itself into a powerful mystical creature that turns pain into power.

We have had a rough year cosmically. With extreme highs and lows and earth shattering events causing us to review our life choices, and in some cases start completely over, building from the ground up.

This past Libra season wasn’t really the kind of energy we are use to under this zodiac’s influence. Normally, Libra season would be happy and joyful, spreading love and harmony into our relationships, beautifying our surroundings and lending a power of fairness into all we do. This Libra season was much darker and heavier than usual. Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty, personal wealth and finances, and the ruler of Libra was essentially asleep at the wheel. We have had Venus in a retrograde position in Scorpio since October 5th.

When a planet is in a retrograde position, their power and influence turns from being shared outwardly, to being more focused inwardly. Venus being asleep at the wheel and driving through the 8th house of Scorpio, is so caught in a daze of looking inward at herself, digging deep into her soul, analyzing her relationship with herself, how she loves (or doesn’t love) herself, how she feels when examining her friendships, her romantic relationships, her working and business relationships, and contemplating if the scales are even balanced.

Venus has caused us all to do the same. We have been under an influence of seeing ourselves and others for who we really are, and not for the masks that we wear. We have been realizing that we have been living on autopilot, living out our realities in such a far way off of being in alignment with our Soul’s true purpose and desires. We have been unearthing our deepest and darkest thoughts, dreams, and visions.

When Venus is in retrograde, especially in Scorpio, we aren’t scared to dive into the depths of our own darkness. We see and accept our dark side and can use it to guide our healing. For many of us, we have been thrown back in time as we are forced to face ex-lovers coming out of the woodwork. We have been forced to re-examine our foundations such as our careers and home environments. We are living in such an honest and raw time now that we are able to cut through the bullshit, and get to the bottom of any truth.

Now that we are entering Scorpio season, we have the power to take what we’ve learned over the past couple of months, especially with what was revealed to us during Libra season, and transform that into something so solid and opportunistic that we are coming out on top. Scorpio, being the most intense sign of the zodiac, the most direct, and mysterious energy we can harness, will lend us the ability to play detective in our own lives, uncovering truths, and transforming that information into an element of power.

If you are a Scorpio, or have strong Scorpio aspects in your birth chart (You can gain this knowledge by clicking here) you will feel at home and recharged as you enter into your new solar year. If you are not a Scorpio, you have the opportunity to tap into and harness the power of this sign’s energy to start implementing the changes in your life that you having been thinking about. The time is now, step into your power!

Stay tuned for my next blog post about the transformative powerful Full Moon in Taurus taking place on the 24th. Under the influence of this Scorpio sun, this Full moon has the potential to be the most life changing full moon we’ve experienced thus far.

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Many blessings to you during this time!


Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor 

East Coast Energy Boutique

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