Full Moon In Taurus


With only one day of Scorpio season under our belt, we are now under the intense, transformative influence of the Full Moon in Taurus. This Full Moon has the potential of being the most life changing full moon we’ve experienced thus far.

After what has been an absolute rollercoaster throughout the cosmos, this year has been jammed pack with highs and lows and intense energy shifts that have re-organized our inner and outer worlds. Although the shifts have calmed down a bit in the sense that there’s now more time in between the shifts, they really haven’t calmed down in intensity. This Full moon in Taurus will be no different.

Full moons mark the ending of a cycle. If you can remember back to the new moon in Taurus back in May, the intentions and beginnings you had set out to manifest will be triggered into fruition under this full moon in Taurus. The energy has been building up to a crossroads or breaking point, forcing us to have to make a decision and live as authentically as possible under the knowledge that we’ve acquired about ourselves over the past several months.

With the Sun stationed in Scorpio, the spotlight is on death (endings), birth (beginnings), and transformation. With Pluto, the planet of transformation leading us through Scorpio season as Scorpio’s ruler, we are forced to unearth the deepest, darkest, dreams and desires within ourselves. We are now focused on the mysteries of life, and how we share our resources and knowledge with others.

The moon, which is all about the feels and our intuition, is in Taurus. With Venus, Taurus’ ruler, being all about love, beauty, pleasure, personal wealth and finances, you can see how we are at a crossroads in life, debating on how to balance ourselves among doing what’s best for ourselves first, and how we share the best parts of ourselves with others, second. We are being asked to live in alignment with our Soul’s purpose, and reaching a point of truth within ourselves about what we love and value.

Your skills and talents are under the spotlight with the moon in Taurus, and you are being asked how you can make your skills and talents work for you. What activities are you engaged in when you completely lose track of time? This is an indicator of being in alignment with your Soul.

Taurus’ energy is also showing you your attitude towards money. This is an area where many of us need to reprogram our thoughts and feelings towards our personal finances. Many of us were raised hearing that “money is the root of all evil…” “Money is dirty…” and that “You have to work hard for your money…” Do you really believe this? Money is a very powerful vibration. Just like anything else, it carries positive and negative traits. If you can truly harness the power of money, you will have income and abundance flowing steadily and freely towards you. Everything in this world is carrying a vibration and frequency. It is our jobs to align ourselves and tune into the frequency and vibration to what it is we want to attract.

This Full moon in Taurus is raising questions for us to ask ourselves, and then the power of the Scorpio sun will lend us the tools to transform ourselves and the situations in our lives, into a frequency or vibration more inline with what we want, what our Soul wants.

So you can expect the normal intensity of a full moon, but jacked up on mystical steroids. You can expect to feel the physical energy manifest either as excitement or as anxiety. This discomfort is making you VERY aware that there are issues within you that need to be acknowledged. Once you put all of your feels out on the table, the light from the full moon will wash over you, cleansing you of these outdated thought patterns, old limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back in life, and it will provide a final death, an ending to these issues in order for you to transform yourself into a higher more accurate frequency and vibration to attract to you the people places and things more in alignment with your Soul’s purpose and desire.

The best advice I can give to you to navigate these energies, are to completely surrender. Cut the bullshit, look yourself in the mirror, and stare into the depths of your Soul. Allow yourself the time and space to permit feelings and thoughts to rise to the surface for acknowledgement. Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, meaning they HATE change. But change is inevitable under the influence of these planetary alignments. It is best to roll, than be dragged.

Uranus, the planet of unexpected events and opportunities is positioned in the sky to bring a wild card element to this Scorpio season, and of course, this full moon in Taurus. Remember that not all unexpected events are bad ones. With the current energies at play, you can expect an element of shock and awe to infiltrate your life now, leaving you with a totally different perspective with each “ah-ha” moment you receive.

If you need assistance navigating these energies, I would be happy to provide you with some guidance and assistance. Please click here to book a reading session, where we can take a look at your birth chart and identify what areas are being the most effected by these shifts.


Many blessings to you during these times!


Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique



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