Are You Reading The Signs?

The Universe speaks to us in many ways, but in a language of patterns, symbolism and randomness. Some people are very aware of the signs; the repeating patterns and numbers, looking at the clock at the same time, songs on the radio, dreams, wildlife, nature events, even finding coins or feathers.

You may have read a few of my posts about having my signs show up in different ways. Often times, it’s feathers but now that the seasons are changing the feathers aren’t the best way to reach me.

I’ve been struggling, still struggling actually. My life kind of fell apart back in June, and I’ve been struggling to put the pieces back together ever since. Slowly but surely things are turning around, but it’s been a very intense chapter and energy shift. With each phase of the moon, and every planet making a move in the sky, like clockwork my life sectors have been under examination having the deepest details revealed.

Growth isn’t easy, and healing is even harder. We all spiral though life lessons, healing parts and moving on, only to find ourselves facing those same issues we thought we healed over and over again. We revisit these issues with a new perspective each time, pulling from what we learned in the past. We are given opportunities to apply different reactions and techniques to avoid repeating the same scenario, trauma, and outcome.

I am no different. Just because I am able to provide messages of guidance and clarity to my clients, doesn’t mean I live an easy path. When it comes to helping myself, I’m lost. I don’t receive information from my guides the way I do for others. I have no insights or visions for myself but can clearly point out the path forward for others. So when I’m feeling lost, devastated, hopeless and confused, I rely heavily on the signs. I’m always looking for messages and guidance in anything I can.

Sometimes, when my life gets “too loud” I get in the car and drive. I have no real destination or plan I just trust that my intuition will guide me. I dance and sing along to the music, feeling my frequency and vibration raise with every passing minute. I finally calm myself into a state of presence, where it’s just me, the music, and the road.

Most times I find myself being guided to water. I grew up on a lake and have lived around water my whole life. It’s a safe place for me where I can connect, not only to myself, but to Spirit, nature, and the energy of it all.

Today was no different. I found myself at the beach. I was the only person there as it’s not the nicest weather to be at a beach. I certainly wasn’t dressed for the occasion, but if this is where I was being guided to go, then I was happily going to freeze my ass off to be there.


The ocean was roaring. The noise and energy of its vastness struck a nerve in me and brought my emotions to the surface. I sat on a rock staring into the foggy horizon as the cold wind blew right through me. I felt the warmth of the tears fill my eyes and then the cold stream run down my face. I felt alive in a way I hadn’t felt in a while.

I sat there remembering how I craved to to do this for the years I spent living out west with no water in sight. I remember being out there, unsure of the path I was walking just missing the comfort of the ocean so badly.

As I sat there today, giving thanks to the Universe for bringing me back home, I spotted what looked like a person floating in the water off in the distance. I talked myself in and out of the fact that it could be a person, as it got closer. I looked up and down the shoreline and there was no one around. I sat there with the whole beach to myself, wondering if it actually WAS a person, what the f@ck was I going to do about it?! This had my attention and I didn’t take my eyes off of it for a second.

I watched the waves very quickly push this red thing closer and closer to the shore. It got to a point where i knew it wasn’t a person, but still wasn’t sure what exactly it was. In a split second, this object travelled very quickly towards me from what had to been hundreds of feet off in the distance when it first caught my eye.

It reached the shore and the wind caught it as it touched the sand and blew a red balloon directly at me as I sat on the top of the hill. I grabbed onto the white ribbon tied to it in a state of huge curiosity. Where did this come from? How is no one here to see this happen?


I tied it to the railing of the stairs. I looked up and down the beach and no one was there. I actually found it semi creepy enough of an event that I half expected to see a clown to just randomly appear out of the fog.

As I stood there on the beach in front of the ocean, a place that has always healed my soul, I pieced it all together. I asked for a sign, and it doesn’t get any clearer than this!

Sometimes the Universe speaks to us through the abnormal events in life, and this just happened to be one of those times. How many times have you had a red balloon be pushed from the sea only to take flight and be blown into your face by the wind?

May the signs of the Universe, and messages of guidance reach you whenever you need it!



Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique

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