North Node Moves Into Cancer


We start the transformative month of November off with a bang in the cosmos as the north node moves into Cancer, highlighting our karmic path forward as we dissolve our karmic ties to the past.

On November 6, the energy will shift all in efforts to upgrade our collective consciousness. With Uranus retrograding back into Aries taking another layer off of our beliefs surrounding who we are, our identity, our ego, all in the quest for truth, we have the north node moving into the nurturing, home and family environment of Cancer.

The nodes make their move into a new sign every 18 months, and with it, a huge shift within us as individuals, and a shift within the larger collective consciousness takes place. What does this mean exactly? The Lunar nodes (north & south) rule our destiny as a whole. The South node is our karmic past, what we are letting go of within ourselves such as old outdated programming, habits or behaviours, while the north node is our destiny, where we are headed, upgrading our energy and vibrations to help the overall vibration and frequency of the planet.

For the last 18 months, the nodes have been on a Leo/Aquarius axis, meaning we were being encouraged to share our talents and skills with the world, embracing our individuality as part of the greater good to help shine a light and raise the energy around love, passion, and creativity. Leaving the aquarian energy of always thinking about the collective, and in turn creating a detachment or lack of compassion for our individual struggles, we were able to transform that energy into something lighter. The lunar nodes being on the Leo/Aquarius axis had humanity more focused on “Look at me, how special and unique I am!” the attention-seeking energy, that was self-serving instead of being a part of the larger, global picture.

Now with the north node moving into Cancer, the Mother and nurturer of the family and home, we will see a shift back on the grander global picture as we examine all the awful things we’ve done to our planet, and do what we can to love, nurture and support the planet, as we try to restore the balance.

The north node being in Cancer means the south node is in Capricorn. This Cancer/Capricorn axis will have us striving for a work-life balance, as Capricorn embodies government systems and institutions, roles and responsibilities, and placements of power. This shift will have us pulling away from the disempowerment of the feminine, the need for power and control, greed, and corruption within larger institutions. With the north node leading us into Cancer, we are going to tap into our intuition, our inner-feminine, and provide love and nurturing to ourselves, those we love, our planet, and the greater collective consciousness.

The next 18 months will have members of our soul family reuniting, find their way back to us through following the magnetic pull of higher vibrations and frequencies. Our egos will be dissolving as we let our intuition and vulnerability lead the way into the future, abandoning our need to be cut throat and self-serving. Instead we feel the connection to others, to our planet, and to the greater good.

This shift is a powerful one as we move from the fire/air axis of Leo and Aquarius, to the water/earth axis of Cancer and Capricorn. We are essentially moving away from the aggressive actions taken to stand out in the world as special or unique, instead embracing the loving nature of how we are all connected and working towards a uniting energy as a global collective.

This shift taking place on the same day the USA is ready to vote, our global future could not be more in focus. We have had enough time to see what kind of destruction can take place in the world within 18 months with self-serving leaders more concerned about their reputation than the country or world as a whole. Now is the time where the energy will support us in moving forward towards a more understanding, compassionate, energy. On the eve of what could be the day the systems crash, the government gets re-organized, and our long standing institutions take a backseat to the new energy and power of feeling and connectedness, I ask that you keep your eyes, mind and heart open, connecting to that energy within, listening to it as it guides us forward towards a brand new level of consciousness.

Many blessings to you during this time!


Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique

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