Mars Enters Pisces


The warrior planet Mars, full of energy, action, passion (and even anger) moves into Pisces, the wish-washy zodiac, who lives a life of dreams and fantasy. Mars is usually ready to jump in and tackle the next level of action required in life with a fiery attitude and will initiate new beginnings all in the name of moving forward. But entering into Pisces is going to slow down the eagerness of Mars, and even bring the action to a halt.

It’s going to be more challenging to get things started and to have the physical energy to actually charge ahead. Pisces, the sign of the fish, is very much at home in its emotional waters, daydreaming of another world, and avoiding confrontation at all costs. The directness of Mars is going to be washed away by the Pisces energy. The straight-forwardness that you can normally expect from Mars is going to become so flighty under this Pisces energy that misunderstandings are bound to happen.

Mars being all about taking action, is going to shift that energy into more spiritual and emotionally charged pursuits. The Pisces energy will have us ebbing and flowing with the ocean of inspiration and emotional change. Just like the waves crashing upon the sand we will be experiencing the waves, their rhythm, and intensity through this transit which will end December 31st.

During this transit, we are prone to putting other’s needs before our own. We may be swayed off of the path of confidence as our goals suddenly become blurry under the water weight of Pisces. This particular shift is going to prove a bit more difficult when you consider the other shifts and aspects that are taking place during this transit. For instance, just this week we have mercury going retrograde on the same day that Venus goes direct after her journey through the underworld as she retrograded through Scorpio and Libra since the beginning of October.

Our relationships, with ourselves, our money, our loves, our family, friends, co-workers, they were all shook up! Many conflicts and breakups took place during Venus’s retrograde and with Venus going direct in Libra, we expected there to be a better, more peaceful and harmonious energy take over to provide resolution to some of these conflicts. But now with mars entering pisces, our feelings get blurred. Our goals are wish-washy. Our energy seems to be depleted.

Mercury going into retrograde causes confusion and chaos in conversation even on the best of days, but this additional layer of confusion and misunderstanding will only make conflict more tension filled as the need to escape and avoid confrontation kicks in.

We have some highly charged shifts taking place to put a final ending to 2018. It has been a very intense year, and the shifts taking place before November ends are literally the beginning of the end. This year has been huge with retrogrades and eclipses like no other. Thankfully, 2019 won’t be that intense.

Mars moving into Pisces will be a great time for dream work and for access your inner most self, wants needs and desires. Pisces energy is all about dreams and fantasy so definitely allow your mind to wander and explore parts within. Because Mars is challenged in this aspect, being less energetic, less focused, and less motivated, it’s going to take some inner discipline to bring some of your dreams to life. This is a great time for expression, especially where the arts are concerned. If you have a passion project, a creative urge, or an inspiration of any kind, tap into that energy and let it out.

This a a great time for all authors, artists and visionaries to expand there imaginations. Because Pisces isn’t an energy to do anything without a greater cause, a moment of inspiration is all you really need to activate Mars to lend you the energy, action, assertiveness and passion in order to make things happen. As long as its an emotional and spiritual expression of yourself you shouldn’t have an issue tapping into that kind of power.

Please be gentle with yourself (and others) as the Mars energy could easily be expressed negatively through irritability, anxiety, and/or anger. It’s up to you to find healthy ways to exert this energy to do you best to remain balanced.

As always, if you require any assistance or guidance navigating these energies, please book a session online.

Many blessings to you during these times!


Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique

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