Full Moon In Gemini

As if we weren’t confused enough already, the Full Moon in Gemini is going to add an extra layer of weirdness to an already complex state of chaos.

Full Moons are typically a time of higher sensitivities and overwhelming emotions. The overall feel of a Full Moon can feel chaotic as the energy is buzzing, influencing the tides and the bodies of water within us, while making us overly emotional with feelings we can’t even pinpoint. The emergency rooms fill up with cases of crazy and accidental mishaps, the classrooms become a circus with overly energetic kids, and we all reach a tipping point within ourselves regardless if you believe in astrology or not.

Each Full Moon we undergo focuses on a different area or topic of our lives as the Moon makes her journey through each sign. Full Moons bring a certain sense of completion to the intentions we set under the New Moon of the same sign 6 months prior to.

This Full Moon is taking place in the sign of Gemini, which carries the energy of duality, communication, and curiosity. With all the other energy shifts taking place, this Full Moon will no doubt be a time for confusion and drama. Gemini is a curious energy not concerned with their own emotions but more interested in what’s going on around them and why other people think and feel the way they do. Gemini isn’t about focusing on themselves when there are so many distractions around them to keep them stimulated. As an air sign, Gemini is very much about mental stimulation, acquiring information, and asking a million questions about other peoples motives. It’s the sign of duality, meaning that this Full Moon will be about embracing both the light and dark sides within.

Coming out of Scorpio season, we are all too familiar with the darker side of life. The thoughts, emotions, and deepest desires within us have been unearthed whether we wanted to face the truth or not. Having the Sun move into Sagittarius yesterday, we are definitely standing in the light now as Sagittarius is all about light-hearted fun, and seeing the bright side of things and being optimistic about life as it sits currently, and of course being hopeful moving into the future.

This Gemini Full Moon will have us thinking and feeling all extremes of both the darkness of Scorpio and the lightness of Sagittarius. Even more than that, Gemini has a million of questions to ask and under the sensitivity of the moon, those questions may be direct, blunt, and damn near rude!

You may feel slightly detached or disconnected from your feelings this Full Moon as Gemini does all it can to stay mind-busy to avoid feelings. This could lead to us to feel some repressed emotions that try to rise up to the surface for acknowledgement and healing, only to be choked back down as Gemini distracts itself to avoid feelings. It might just lend enough distance in between thoughts and feelings for you to pick apart a situation taking place in your world without feeling attached to it. This kind of disassociation can actually help you discern everyone’s interests and motives without getting clouded by your own emotions.

Because Mercury, the planet of communication and Gemini’s natural ruler is opposing this Full Moon in Gemini as it’s stationed in Gemini’s polar opposite sign of Sagittarius, you should be warned that even though Gemini rules mental stimulation, hot-headed emotions might just overrule Gemini’s logical judgement and get expressed in ways that won’t turn out well. Frustrations and anger levels are high around Full Moons and with the lack of clarity among communication due to Mercury being Retrograde, even Gemini’s strength in mental control is no match for this planetary alignment. Your thoughts and emotions will be chaotic, bouncing around within you without a clear path or direction. It is highly likely that blurting out harsh comments in inappropriate situations will take place. Be careful not to put your foot in your mouth during this Full Moon.

Gemini also rules information, how we process it from external sources, how we express it from our internal selves, will be distorted. There is a tendency to over exaggerate and make simple things into bigger deals with the energy of this Moon opposing Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Jupiter makes everything bigger and with the energy of this Gemini Moon, and Mercury being Retrograde, you can count on the details and information being expressed and received being bigger than it actually is and more grandiose then it was ever meant to be.

With the overall topic and feeling of this Full Moon in Gemini being confusion, try to keep your emotions and thoughts to yourself. Whatever you choose to express isn’t going to come out the way it sounds in your head, it’s not going to be received by others the way you hoped, and it will actually cause you to have to do damage control once the Full Moon energy has passed. It is not a great time to have big, serious discussions, or to make major life decisions. It’s not a time to try and start new things and make big purchases. Instead it’s a time for you to recognize the trigger points taking place within and analyzing the underlying story of why you think and feel a certain way. It’s a great time to explore your light and dark side, and to ask yourself the questions necessary to sort out conflicts within yourself.

If you require any instance navigating the energies of this Full Moon or curious as to what area of your life this moon will be focused on, please book a session online and I’d be happy to help guide you through.

Many blessings to you during these times!



Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique

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