Mercury Retrograde Enters Scorpio


Mercury, the planet of communication, information, and moving parts of all kind, has been in retrograde position (appearing to move backwards in its orbit) since November 16th. On that same day Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and self-worth came out of her retrograde period.

Mercury being retrograde has always posed problems with misunderstandings from communication breakdowns, technology failures like sending the wrong email to the wrong person, or travel chaos as things just naturally seem to get mixed up. Mercury retrogrades are a great time to slow down and revisit some issues from your past that you thought were done and over with. Retrogrades give us the opportunity to take what we’ve learned and apply it to the recurring situation for a different ending and closure.

Mercury began it’s retrograde in Sagittarius, which made us all pretty damn hopeful and optimistic about the retrograde even from the beginning. Sag is big on learning and being optimistic and enthusiastic about the future, but here we are revisiting our past. There is an energy in this retrograde that makes us feel like we are ready for misunderstandings, we are ready for missing emails and no internet for no apparent reason, we are even ready for our travel plans to go awry. But as positive as we’ve been, no one every really knows what to expect until the past comes creeping back in.

For many of my clients, they are experiencing past situations that they thought they had resolved both in the inner and outer worlds. Feelings and triggers coming up revealing areas of hurt that just don’t seem to be healed. Some of my clients have been frustrated with the fact that technology isn’t only messing with them, it’s literally declared war! And of course, those that have suffered HUGE detours in their paths as the plans they had got thrown out the window.

I myself have found issues coming up in my family structure that has me shaking my head. Is this deja vu? Are we seriously on rewind? I thought this situation got resolved eons ago! I have had my reading sessions end abruptly as my fully charged cell phone has mysteriously gone dead in seconds, I have had dropped calls with perfect cell reception, and I have had whole recorded reading sessions disappear from the cloud all together only to reappear 5 minutes into a nervous breakdown. It hasn’t been fun, and it’s like to get worse.

We are in a Mercury retrograde until December 6th, but today, we see Mercury slide from the happy go lucky, excitable and optimistic energy of Sag, to the very intense, probing, detective like energy of Scorpio. Just when we thought we had left Scorpio season behind for good, we experience that “let’s get down to the truth” kind of energy once again.

Mercury moving into Scorpio means that not only are we looking back in the past dealing with issues that had been to laid to rest, we are now asking the deep seated questions of Why…. Why is this happening again? What did I miss the first time? What role am I playing to continue this storyline? And for christ sakes, WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO END IT? The answers you might come up with might not make you happy. In fact, they will like trigger the shadow parts within that are being called out to play so the Universe can zap them with some white light and transform them into something better. It’s not going to be pretty, growth never is.

With Venus moving back into Scorpio tomorrow, even though Venus is direct now, we get intense about what we need to DO about what we discovered when she was in retrograde from October 5th on. That wasn’t pretty either!

The planet of love, beauty, comfort, personal wealth, finances and SELF-WORTH unveiled a lot of details that didn’t sit well with us regarding how we felt about those topics. Many relationships fell apart under Venus being retrograde, and the information that was exposed in those relationships hasn’t really been dealt with yet.

Now that Venus is direct, the information we learned can come out to create change. Check my next blog post on a full rundown of Venus being direct in Scorpio, but just realize that Mercury is taking us back, to ask the deep questions and then we’re actually going to DO something about it.

As uncomfortable as this all is, is absolutely necessary for us to go through at this time. We are getting our one last chance to purge before the New Year where we are being asked to create our new lives and build on the foundations we’ve just revealed.

Yes, the energy is raw, it’s intense, and at some points it even feels dirty, but still being in Sag season lends us the positive outlook we need and enthusiasm we need to embody in order to push through this discomfort to end up living in the new world we are about to embark on.

We also have Jupiter still lending us his good fortune, and expanding the experience for ultimate growth. So when you find yourself staring past hurt and trauma in the face, wondering how the hell you can make it stop, take a breath and remind yourself of all you’ve learned about yourself, about how you love and want love, how you value yourself, and how you could be a better version of yourself.

That will create the energy inside of you to apply what you’ve learned to the situation letting the Universe know that you’re serious about change, and that you’re willing to try new behaviours for better results versus repeating old patterns and behaviours and never really closing the door on your pain patterns.

There will be many planetary shifts that will help us on this journey as we detox ourselves of all things toxic to our Souls. we are preparing to enter into the New Year with a whole new world of possibilities.

So take Mercury’s retrograde seriously. Take advantage of putting old storylines to rest finally and for good! You may struggle to find your way through the dark, but I can promise you the light will lead.

If you require any instance navigating the energies of this Full Moon or curious as to what area of your life this moon will be focused on, please book a session online and I’d be happy to help guide you through.

Many blessings to you during these times!


Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique

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