Venus Enters Scorpio


Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty, and self-worth is now direct after her retrograde path from October 5th – November 16th. Venus’s retrograde created chaos for many as we got a good look at the relationships in our life, where they may be out of balance, how we feel valued in those relationships, and basically how we love.

We had some pretty revealing details shoved in our faces and onto our hearts during her retrograde. It meant the realization that we may have strayed from our Soul’s path, and found ourselves in relationships that aren’t nurturing our Soul’s growth. The underlying issue we are all dealing with as we examine our relationships, is actually the relationship we have with ourself.

We’ve all been levelling up our self-worth, and Venus has helped this happen even through the discomfort we’ve been experiencing. Now that Venus is direct, we are able to now DO something about all that we realized during her retrograde period.

Think back to September and all that has changed. We’ve seen relationships breakdown, friendships dissolve, even business partnerships got rocked to their core. During Venus’s retrograde we internalized all the events and details, and now that she’s direct we are going to DO something about it.

Venus went direct on November 16th, in Libra which created a softer, more harmonious tone for us to deal with. We had kinder words to use to resolve conflict and many of us had tried to restore the balance that seemed to be lost during her retrograde cycle.

Now that Venus is hurrying to catch up with the Sun who is in Sag, she has no choice but to walk down the dark alley of Scorpio to get there. Scorpio is an intensely deep energy, probing with questions that will get to the bottom of any situation that needs resolution.

We are currently in a Mercury retrograde that has us revisiting issues from the past, and with Venus now direct, moving into Scorpio, you can bet that things just got a bit more serious. We will find ourselves being brought back to issues that triggered us, that revealed perspectives to us that haven’t sat well within. It is likely that these topics stem from the relationships that were effected during Venus’s retrograde, and now we have to figure out whether they need to die off completely of whether they need to be reignited under new boundaries.

Scorpio will be asking the tough questions and the answers revealed will lead you to take action. We are no longer content in relationships that aren’t fair to us, are supporting and loving in the ways we need. Our souls are crying out for authenticity and for those who actually LOVE us to step up to the plate of growth and grow WITH us.

Some will not accept the challenge and there will be a natural dissolving of these relationships and structures. By the time the new year roles around, we will have the right people in our corner while the soul contracts with others may be completed as we move on in different directions.

Venus going direct in Scorpio gives us another opportunity to weed out the elements of our lives that aren’t going to support us in building a new world for ourselves in the New Year. Although you might find this energy shift hard as it tugs on those heart strings, know that anything or anybody you let go of during this time is for your highest good.

As painful as it may be to recognize that the ones you love aren’t the right ones to have in place in your future, you are now acting in alignment to your self-worth. It’s important to realize that the relationship with ourselves is what sets the stage in every other relationship that we have. So if you are feeling like the scales aren’t balanced in an existing relationship, DO something to restore balance, tweak those boundaries, and then look within to see what part of you has been allowing this kind of in-balance to take place all in the name of love.

If you require any instance navigating the energies of this Full Moon or curious as to what area of your life this moon will be focused on, please book a session online and I’d be happy to help guide you through.

Many blessings to you during these times!



Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique

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