Mercury Goes Direct In Scorpio


Today marks the day that Mercury, the planet of communication, expression, and information is going direct again after its 3 week retrograde. Notorious for communication breakdowns, internalized feelings of confusion, information not being sent or received as normal and messed up plans, Mercury’s retrograde in Sag, and then into Scorpio has been no different.

There’s been many situations and themes from the past coming back to haunt us, essentially testing us to see if we’ve grown and if we learned anything from the first time it’s happened. We have get an opportunity when Mercury is retrograde to revisit, review, re-edit and repair situations that caused us pain and chaos.

When Mercury first went retrograde it was positioned in Sag, lending us an opportunity to be optimistic about revisiting the past and some situations that needed a redo. Sag’s energy encouraged us to explore and learn all there is to know about a topic. So when Mercury retrograde throws the past back in our faces, we wanted to learn whatever it was we didn’t learn the first time around, so we could finally provide a better ending to situations that will now be closed forever, granted that we prove to the Universe and ourselves that we actually did learn from the situations and we applied our new knowledge in order to get a different outcome.

When Mercury moved from Sag to Scorpio, the vibe got a bit more intense. It came with a depth of darkness and a very serious element of asking ourselves the deeper questions about the situation like, “Why is this coming up for me again?” “What didn’t I learn the first time?” and “What do I need to learn in order to put an end to it for good?”

When any planet is retrograde that energy, instead of getting expressed outwardly as it does in a direct position, takes on a life of it’s own inside of us. We internalize our thoughts and feelings, and become withdrawn from our normal selves.

Information isn’t processed the same way under a retrograde so there’s a certain level of confusion that we live in for the retrograde period. Now that Mercury is going direct, the confusion becomes less and that energy can be expressed outwards.

We can now take all the answers to our questions and actually DO something about it. We are able to speak normally now as the filter of mental confusion gets lifted off of our minds, and the frustrations we’ve experienced get released as we can exert it outwards instead of keeping it all in. It’s as if we come out of a deep sleep, requiring many cups of coffee to regain full consciousness and clarity moving forward.

When a planet moves from a retrograde to a direct position, it essentially means that we get to move forward again in our path. Because this forward motion is taking place in Scorpio, it means we can move forward with our quest for the truth, moving forward resolving the conflicts and frustrations that took place during the retrograde. We can now start being real in our conversations, being as authentic as possible. We will have the the opportunity to transform any situation that is triggering us whether it be into a state of non-existence or into a state of new territories and boundaries.

Although Mercury is going direct, there is what’s called a shadow period that will still lend a touch of the retrograde confusion to the energy as it slowly stabilizes. The shadow period will be over on December 24th, just in time for the holidays.

Until then, you will feel the shift of the forward motion slowly taking place. With all the other planetary alignments taking place to help support and encourage the last purge of 2018, be mindful that the brunt of the retrograde themes have been completed, but still be aware that travel plans, online purchases, and communication will still have the fading filter of the retrograde energy.

As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online and I’d be happy to help guide you through!


Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique

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