New Moon In Sagittarius


Welcome to the last New Moon of 2018, in the optimistic, eager-beaver, philosopher sign of Sagittarius! As we take stock of the year and all that has transpired, there is no better moon or energy to set our new goals and intentions under.

New Moons are a time where we get to usher in and invite newness into our worlds. Whether we are asking for new ideas, new situations, new jobs, new homes, new relationships, or new careers into our lives, the New Moon is the moon in which we pour all of our energies into visualizing our new intentions coming to life.

This New Moon being is Sagittarius makes us even more hopeful and optimistic about our future plans. Sag is all about exploring new ideas and territories, submerging ourselves into new areas of study, and of course, making us highly excited to start new adventures.

This past year has been very trying for many, as we’ve had our foundations rattled to see what parts needed to be strengthened, while some foundations needed to be totally rebuilt. It’s been an ongoing theme this year, as we are being encouraged to live more authentically according to our Soul’s true heart and desires. Little by little, with every planetary alignment that has taken place, we’ve been forced to examine each area of our lives, seeing what no longer supports us in our quest for greatness. We have been living on auto-pilot, but this year flipped the switched for us to have to drive ourselves manually on our path.

The last few months in particular have been very tough. If you think back to September and who you were at that point in time, you may not even recognize yourself as you stand in your current energy today. We have made hard decisions in letting long term patterns, behaviours, beliefs, relationships, and careers go. It has been a season of organized cosmic destruction, and now we are standing in the mess waiting for the smoke to clear.

With this New Moon in Sag, the fog will essentially be lifted and we will be able to clearly see the path forward. We will now have an air of optimism to us as we look forward into a new land, a new territory that reflects our inner states of mind, much more than our old world did.

We have been through 10 planetary retrogrades this year which is damn near unheard of, with the last being Mercury which just went direct yesterday. Between Mercury’s retrogrades causing us to revisit, redo, and repair situations and themes from the past, and Venus’s retrograde causing us to take a look at our relationships with other and with our own values, we’ve literally been sitting in the darkness, feeling ever emotion that we didn’t even know we housed inside of us.

This New moon in Sagittarius, is our first glimpse of the light. Although our eye’s have grown semi accustomed to the darkness, we will adjust to the bright horizon that lays before us. Take the opportunity under this new moon in Sag to be specific when placing your order with the Universe for the next phase of dreams and goals you hold within.

Be ready to hit the ground running as we are in an accelerated state of manifestation now and up until the 21st of this month. Be mindful of your thoughts and stay focused on all the positive as this is the energy we are creating our new footings upon.

We do have a few planetary aspects that are going to try and sway your focus to some not so good things or feelings during this time, Mars and Neptune are creating an unsettled energy forcing us to face our challenges head on and create a way to overcome them, while we have Jupiter riding along with Sag, expanding our horizons with what inspires us to grow and overcome the barriers that our old selves had a hand in creating. These limiting aspects of ourselves, our thoughts, beliefs, and inner workings are the energetic blocks that hold us back from reaching the vibration required to be aligned with the dreams we wish to bring into reality.

Although this New Moon in Sag is a good thing, the other aspects at play may be triggering some fears within you now. These are the fears that hold you back from reaching the next level of success. Now is a great time to ask yourself if you are willing to change yourself all in efforts of changing your life, or are you comfortable in your path to be a prisoner to your fears, settling for the current state of reality.

You cannot want change without changing, and under this New Moon in Sag you will have the opportunity to focus your energy on the positive, optimistic, go-getter, adventurer in Sag to pave the new path forward, through the fears that have held you back for too long.

A good practice for this New Moon would be to carve out some time for yourself to make a list of new things you’d like to see happen in 2019. If you want a new job, define what that job would look like, what does it pay, where is it located, what purpose or meaning would doing this job do for your Soul’s growth? If it’s a new way of living, ask yourself what small changes you can do each day to create a routine that will support the health & wellness of your mind, body and soul? If it is a new relationship you are looking for, ask yourself what kind of partner do I want to attract and what do I have to change within myself in order to be that perfect partner to someone else?

This is a time for learning all you can about a topic or theme that will better help you reach your goals in the future. If you need to learn the steps in order to land your dream job, make a list and start there. If you want to learn about how to buy a home in the new year, figure out where you’re currently at in order to start the process of getting in financial shape to be purchasing a new home in the new year. And if it’s love you’re after, learn all about yourself first. See how you can be a perfect representation of who it is you want to attract in your life.

If all of those major themes are checked off already in your life, look at the areas that you are being drawn to explore. There are always new ways of thinking that can help you on your path, new ways of engaging in hobbies that will fulfill that part within you that wants to have more fun while being creative. The possibilities to set new intentions are endless!

Celebrate all that you’ve experienced in 2018, even if it has been a tough year, learn from those experience. Sometimes it’s easier to make a list of the things you don’t want in order to create a list of things you do want.

Regardless of how you go about it, make this New Moon in Sagittarius energy work for you in planting new seeds for the years to come. If you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online as I’d be more than happy to help guide you through.

Many blessings to you during these times!


Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique

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