12/12 Activation Portal


You may have been feeling a huge energy shift as we approach the winter solstice on the 21st of this month. That date really is a game changer. Today, December 12th, (12/12) marks another light activation sequence that will solidify our energy come the 21st.

What does all this mean? You may remember the Lion’s Gate portal activation. It was one of many magically numerological days where we were aligned in the cosmos in such a way that a steady stream of cosmic light was able to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere and help to raise our vibration and frequency. All of these activations, portals, and accelerated downloads have been taking place to prepare us for the “new world”. No, you won’t wake up on the 21st and see a world different as you know it, but you’ll definitely feel it!

We had another gateway activation take place on November 11th, 2018 (11/11/11). This was another beam of energy that helped us raise our vibrations individually to connect and raise our vibrations collectively. Today makes the finally portal activation before the new world takes place, and for many of us already sensitive to energies you will already be seeing the effects of having our old worlds, the old parts that we’ve outgrown and foundations that no longer support us, fall away from us as we emerge into new territory.

This portal activation is focusing more on our physical bodies as we’ve really grown our Soul’s, consciousness and vibration exponentially. The problem is, now, our physical bodies need a bit of an upgrade to house all of this powerful energy we’ve created in efforts to raise the collective consciousness. You may be feeling the physical symptoms of this upgrade through aches and pains in your joints, sensitivities to loud noises and bright lights, feeling dizzy and unbalanced, and undergoing some real discomfort in your digestive system. We are essentially getting renovated. Our physical houses, our bodies are undergoing an upgrade that we need to receive in order to hit the ground running with the strength and power we will need come the 21st.

Many talks have taken place about what to expect in the new world. Well, you can get a good idea of what to expect by looking at what you are focusing your energy on right now. We have been, and still are, in a time where we have a choice to make; to evolve and raise our consciousness leaving behind the heavy drama of the 3D world, or to embrace the path less travelled by connecting to our inner power, our Soul’s vision and letting the fact that we are aware of something greater taking place to lead the way.

In a world where we are littered with distractions and propaganda, where the internet has not only connected us, but divided us even more, where politics and the Government systems are being forced to change to now support the people instead of supporting the leaders, we have a choice to make. We need to choose love. We need to love ourselves first, and others second. We need to understand that all the chaos that is taking place in the world is giving us lightworkers an opportunity to stand together, united in the fact that we choose love over hate. We choose the light over the dark.

It seems pretty simple but when you have the human emotions tugging on all of your heart strings, it’s hard not to let those heavier emotions of hate, revenge and disgust to not overcome you. The world is changing. The energy of the world is changing. Individually we have become people we never thought we’d be. We have changed so much even over the past 4 months, that some of us no longer are even living the lives we did this time last year.

People have been waking up, realizing that there’s more to life than just what is shown to us on the media. We understand that our social structures need to be reformed and that we are all connected by something greater than the internet. People are sensitive to energies now. The dreams that people have been having have given them the evidence they need to lead in blind faith. We are optimistic about a future that doesn’t even resemble anything we’ve ever seen before, and even though the circumstances in our lives don’t dictate our inner dreams coming to reality, we somehow just KNOW that they will.

2019 is a year of building and creation. After a year of what has been destruction, levelling our foundations, beliefs, relationships, to the ground, we are ready to rebuild. But this time, we are doing what is best for the earth who is dying, we are doing what is best for the collective consciousness, for all the lightworkers around the world. All we have to do is let our Souls lead us. Let your Soul lead you into creating a world for yourself that you’ve only ever dreamt about. Build and create foundations, careers, friendships, relationships, and you new belief systems on what you know in your heart to be true, and not what is being told to you by outdate social systems.

Your parents may have instilled some belief systems and expectations in you as a child, but you’re an adult now. You don’t have to succumb to your family’s wishes of you or the governments expectations of you as a brainless, law abiding citizen.

We have woken up. Our eyes are open. Our minds are open. Together, connecting to each other on an energetic level, we can do what’s best for the Universal collective. It all starts with you!

So make the choice to stand in the light, to spread love and not hate, to abandoned all avenues of living your life according to someone else’s ideas and goals for you. Get in touch with the inner power you’ve held onto for so long but never really tapped into. It’s time to shine!

So on this day, this magical portal opening, decided to live a life you haven’t lived before. Decided to walk a path that even though you are unsure what it might hold, you know in your heart that you won’t be repeating anything from your past. You have outgrown the old patterns of behaviours and reactions. You cannot fight your inner truth and it no longer has to be kept inside you. Get ahold of that inner voice, that inner urge to be better AND DO IT!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to see you in the new world, living out your dreams, speaking your truth, doing what is right for you and ONLY you, and of course shining your light so bright that it either inspires others to follow or it blinds them so bad that they retreat into the darkness forever.

As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online and I’d be happy to help guide you through!

Many blessings to you during these times!


Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique

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