Mercury Enters Sagittarius


Mercury, the planet of communication, information, technology and overall expression moves from what has been a very raw and intense experience in Scorpio to Sagittarius.

Mercury is a planet that goes into retrograde 3 or 4 times a year, and when it does, it creates absolute havoc to the way we interact, the way we express ourselves and the way we process information. We were all to happy to see Mercury come out of its retrograde shell on December 6th, but when it came out of retrograde it went direct in Scorpio, making the raw details of our inner truths exposed to us in an intense way. Conflicts were on the rise as we took all of that inward retrograde energy and we surged it outwards creating quite a stir in all of our worlds.

The general theme of 2018 has been to uncover the real truth of our Soul’s heart and desire, encouraging us to leave old patterns, people and foundations behind if they weren’t in alignment with our inner selves.

This retrograde that Mercury had us in, right after the lovely goddess of love herself, Venus came out of her retrograde, had us revisiting, reviewing and repairing parts of our past. Themes from 2014 came up out of the blue, and because the communication was under the retrograde influence, in Scorpio, shit got real to say the least. There were feelings spilt, anger exposed and a rawness like no other that was revealed to us whether we were prepared for it or not.

This shake down has all been accelerated in the last few weeks of 2018 as we embark on a new energy, and a new territory as we get closer to the winter solstice, when the energy shifts, the Sun enters Capricorn and the portal of ascension finally closes.

We have Mercury, who is now direct moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius, the most optimistic, energetic, down right hopeful sign of the zodiac leading the way as we are ready to explore a new world both externally and within. Mercury’s energy will be expressed in a “in your face” bright and cheerful kind of way.

Sag being curious and wanting to know all that there is to know about a topic, can’t wait to embark on the new world of energy that awaits us. We will be using our words in a more “here I am, I’m ready to take over the world” kind of way. Sag is dressed up and ready to go, ready to hit the ground running towards the bright light of the future, into uncharted land of opportunity.

Mercury in Sag is allowing us to take all that we’ve learned about ourselves, our values, our relationships, and speak up, asking the inquisitive questions that will lead us all towards the path of enlightenment. Our minds are open now, we want nothing but to speak our truth.

Mercury being all about the details and using words to communicate, sometimes feels nervous being in such a bold and semi-reckless action like energy of Sagittarius, because there’s an element of things getting blown out of proportion. Mercury likes to hone in on the finer details being fully prepared for what tomorrow may bring, where Sagittarius is a big picture kind of energy, one that focuses on the future on a larger scale than Mercury would prefer.

The key to successfully navigate this energy is to make sure that all of the details you are focused on are correct and in order to create the grander vision Sag will have you focused on. If you find yourself more in awe of the future and the big picture of the world you will be living, make sure you stop and pause, making sure to break down the big picture in smaller sections, seeing how each detail will fit together to create the big picture you hold for yourself.

It’s important for all of us to STOP and THINK before we speak with Mercury in Sagittarius as Sag is very well know for blurting things out without giving much thought to not only what is being said, but how that information will be received.

With the adventurous Sag leading the way into the final weeks of 2018, watching the old world as we know it only exist in our memories and in the review mirror, the possibilities for our future are absolutely endless. Sag is asking you to explore parts of the world you haven’t seen before, and to venture into new territory when exploring your thoughts and feelings within.

Mercury will have you focused on building the life you envision by fitting all the smaller details together, expressing your wants needs and desires with clarity and enthusiasm. But please, don’t let the excitement and optimism of Sag let you get carried away. We really do have to think very clearly about what we are saying, making sure that we not hurt anyone’s feelings and creating situations for us to clean up by just blurting out whatever comes to mind.

We have learned a lot from the previous planetary energies this year, and now Sag is ready to lead the way away from everything that doesn’t match our vibe and support our Soul’s desires.

As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online and I’d be more than happy to help guide you through.

Many blessings to you during these times!


Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique

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