Welcome To Capricorn Season

It’s the time of the year when the Sun moves from the bright, optimistic, adventure-seeking Sagittarian energy, to the ambitious, responsible, hard working energy of Capricorn.

It is no coincidence that the zodiac signs rule the timeframes that they do, and especially after the year we just had, we should all be really happy to be ending the year, and starting a new one, under the Capricorn Sun.

Capricorn is an earth sign and takes their roles and responsibilities in life very seriously. They are overly ambitious without getting too ahead of themselves, as they know what is actually reasonable for them to accomplish.

With Saturn, the planet of karma as their ruler, we have a tendency to reflect back on the year’s events seeing exactly how each karmic lesson played out. With a reasonable approach and a down-to-earth view on life, Capricorn takes but a few minutes to compartmentalize the thoughts and feelings that each karmic lesson taught them before looking forward, setting tangible goals for the future.

Under Capricorn’s energy we are able to see very clearly the steps we need to take in order to reach our goals, and easily make a check list of things we need to take care of. Where Capricorn takes their roles very seriously, especially where their career is concerned, they will do their very best to exceed the expectations set out for them.

As we venture into a new world, a new energy, a new perspective, Capricorn lends us the support to be as methodical as possible to break down each step we need to take, operating within a certain framework to reach success. When the Sun moves into Capricorn it also triggers the winter solstice for us here in the northern hemisphere, which ushers in a brand new energy to work with.

Although the holidays are a bright and cheerful time for many, the Capricorn energy still adds a serious tone of organization to our holiday season, making sure the to-do list is checked off and complete.

As we enter into a new year, the year of building and creation, there is no better energy for us to be under the influence of than Capricorn. We’ve spent many moons envisioning our futures, our new dreams and goals. We’ve had opportunities to purge the elements of our old selves and our old lives in order to be as light as ever as we walk into the new world as we know it.

Capricorn is eager to tackle the steps which are necessary to complete before arriving at the final destination, which of course is the dreams we’ve been working so hard on manifesting into our reality. We have a tendency to be more realistic about what we can actually accomplish within certain timeframes with this Capricorn energy, making our dreams more visible than ever before.

With the ambitious, hard-working energy of Capricorn supporting us in the early days of the New Year, we will no doubt hit the ground running, eager to get building and creating our Soul’s vision.

As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online and I’d be more than happy to help guide you through. If you are a new client and would like to try receiving WEEKLY INSIGHTS for the month of January, please use WI$5OFF at the checkout. To all of my subscribers, please check your inbox later on today for a little Holiday treat! Happy Holidays!

Many blessing to you during these times!


Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique

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