Full Moon in Cancer

Just one day after our new world has begun, when the Sun moved into Capricorn, and the Winter Solstice took place, we now have the beautiful, loving effects of the Full Moon in Cancer.

Cancer rules the home and family environment. It is a nurturing energy, a loving, expressive energy, and a warm welcome energy that we so desperately need after what has been a pretty rough and raw couple of weeks. As we’ve prepared for the new world that we now live in, think of all the pain and struggles you’ve endured over the past couple of months, but the last few weeks especially. Think of how scary it’s been, how angry and volatile it’s gotten. Change isn’t easy, but with great pain, we create great change.

Since finally exiting the birthing canal into what is now our new lives, since December 12th in particular it’s gotten pretty intense! We have had countless unexpected opportunities show up to deal with, to purge, and to repair ourselves and elements of our lives.

Now that we’ve made it, the beautiful Lunar Goddess herself, has her arms wide open as she is at home, in her place of comfort in Cancer. The energy of this Full Moon is all embracing, all soothing, and all encompassing. It welcomes us in with open arms and open hearts to be cared for and nurtured, soothed out of what has been an unbearable discomfort for many moons.

This particular Full Moon comes at no better time for us to feel like we’ve made it, to feel like we are finally home. It takes place at a 0 degree position, as all of the first series of Full Moons do in 2019, which basically means we have a clean slate, a fresh perspective and a new start to create under each moon’s energy.

The Full Moon in Cancer is very much centered around the home and family and there is no better time now, with the holidays only a few days away, that we find ourselves in a place where we are feeling connected once again.

The Sun is currently in Capricorn, currently opposing this Full Moon in Cancer, making the theme of balancing between work and home even more of a focus as it has been since the nodes made their aspect.

Capricorn can sometimes be lacking in the emotional area, appearing cold and rigid, however, under this Full Moon influence, even the goat himself warms up and softens his exterior to meet everyone in the middle of these festive times.

Cancer can also benefit from being in this opposition as they can sometimes be over emotional lacking rationality and structure. No doubt the carer or nurturer of the family will have the biggest smiles upon their faces this holiday season as they watch everyone they care about gather around them.

Be aware that because we have a new air about us, having gone through such a tough transformative year, that our “bullshit detectors” are working at top capacity. Meaning, even those who are the cranky, bitter, old drama Kings or Queens of the family will not have any power over ruining these holiday activities.

Even though the goal is to get along and have fun, there is always one bad apple upsetting the apple cart. This year, because we are super aware of our energy and no longer have tolerance for any kind of bad vibes, the negative-Nancy of the group will be immediately shut down in their efforts to kill the loving vibes that this Full Moon in Cancer is encouraging.

We have a directness about us now, being able to express our emotions like a Cancer does, but in a matter of fact way that the Capricorn energy lends us. It won’t take very long for someone to pipe up (most likely the matriarch of the family) to simmer negative-Nancy down or remove him/her altogether. Our patience for bullshit is next to non-existant now.

Instead of a “throw-down-shit-show” like previous years might have supported, the dialogue will be one of quick resolve, respect, and boundaries. This is in fact a new world we are living in, where expressing ourselves to protect our energy will not be so stifled as we are supported in expressing our truth.

We have a really great aspect taking place with this Full Moon in Cancer and Uranus, the planet of unexpected opportunities, making this holiday season an element of excitement in changing elements of your routine, perspective, and expression; something to embrace instead of something to shy away from.

We also have a trine taking place with Venus which makes this a very positive time to fall in love. As if all of the warm and fluffy feeling surrounding the holidays and the nurturing and loving Cancerian energy wasn’t enough to initiate falling in love, Venus, the Goddess of love herself, joins in and spreads her wants, needs, and desires for a new spark to be ignited in all of our lives.

So go ahead and fall in love, with yourself, your family (blood or spirit family), the traditions that you’re repeating or just beginning, and anyone or anything that brings a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart. ‘Tis the season!

As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online and I’d be more than happy to help guide you through!

All the love and blessings to you this holiday season!


Marlee Henry

Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor

East Coast Energy Boutique

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