Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse


After what has been a very long and drawn out time of shedding parts of our emotional pain bodies, freeing us from weight we no longer can carry into our new realities, the Full Moon in Leo (at zero degrees) Total Lunar Eclipse is now here, providing us a fresh, clean slate in energy.

We have been under some serious changes both to our inner selves and now to external worlds. With each energy shift that takes place, we are carefully constructing a new reality for ourselves that will finally have us aligning our inner worlds with our outer reality. We have had structures and ideas of ourselves and the world be smashed only to be rebuilt in a more authentic way.

We’ve had a purge of our relationships and parts of ourselves that no longer support us in who we are becoming. We have had challenge after challenge thrown at us all while being asked to raise our frequency, focus on the positive, and lock in our vibrations while our old worlds were essentially crumbling down all around us.

We have grown as individuals and as a global collective. And now we are entering a new age of energy where we have the opportunity to start over, start fresh, and essentially be reborn.

This Full Moon in Leo is special for a couple of reasons; 1: It is at a zero degree positioning, which means we are entering into a brand new energy with this Full Moon as it’s closing out pain, and trauma that began in February 2017. That closure is in fact creating a brand new beginning for us, to now only move forward without that weight in our energy bodies, but we are being offered a clean slate to step in our own personal power and ridding ourselves of all the things we’ve been holding onto preventing ourselves from truly becoming who we were meant to be.

For an example, in my own life, I have been asked to help others. I was given a specific set of gifts and abilities to tap into other’s energies and with the guidance of their energy tribe in Spirit, I am able to help them navigate their current situations, help them overcome obstacles and energy blocks to reunite them with their Soul’s purpose. I have been fighting my life purpose, my life mission, because what is being asked of me requires me to break out of my comfort zone.

To share my story with others, to help empower them and help heal them I must show them my scars. I am a very private person and to do what is being asked of me would require me to overcome these personal preferences in order to help the greater good. I have struggled to embrace my roles and responsibilities for the last 10 years, and it’s only been recently that I’ve waved my white flag to the Universe surrendering to my life’s purpose and stepping into the roles and responsibilities bestowed upon me.

I do not take this lightly. It’s been very challenging for me to bust out of my privacy shell of isolation to connect with those the Universe places before me. But in doing so, I am more aligned with my Soul’s purpose than ever before.

Under this Full Moon Eclipse I am pushing through the last of my limiting beliefs about myself, pushing my insecurities to the side and stepping into the spotlight that I’ve been avoiding for 10 years. I have a job to do, and I cannot be successful in completing my life’s mission by holding parts of myself back any longer.

The second reason this Full Moon is so special, is because this is a supercharged Full Moon, essentially on steroids being a Total Lunar Eclipse. You may recall me talking about how eclipses fast forward us on our life path. How they act as triggers releasing karmic rewards to us that we’ve had written into our soul contracts. This is not only closing out the last 2 weeks of energetic upgrades but it is triggering karmic events in our lives that will have us fast tracked on our timelines further than we ever thought we’d get this year.

These truly are exciting times!

With the Sun just moving into Aquarius, encouraging us to free ourselves from restrictions, limiting beliefs and roles and responsibilities that are no longer supporting the new version of ourselves, and now this Full Moon in Leo at a zero degree, Total Lunar Eclipse supercharging us to embrace the spotlight, unleashing all of the parts of ourselves that we’ve been holding back from the world, we are truly at a pivotal point in our growth and evolution.

Do yourself a favour, and consider what parts of your individual uniqueness you’ve been holding back from the world. What thoughts and feelings have you held about yourself that has held you back from fully embracing your personal power? What kind of life would you be living if you threw your fears and insecurities out the window?

When you find the parts within yourself, that have been screaming for your attention, demanding they be freed from the prison of restriction within, when you free those parts of yourself how does your world change? What do you get to experience in this place of freedom that you’ve only ever dreamed of? What do you get to share with the world that you’ve worked so hard at keeping to yourself?

All of these topics will be released under this Full Moon energy, freeing you of such heavy weighted insecurities that you will feel a freedom like no other.

Even more than that, you can see now how your new world, your new reality will align and manifest even quicker than you ever thought by embracing every part of yourself, allowing the power of your Soul’s purpose to pulse throughout your body, strengthening your personal power to limits you’ve never felt before.

The moment is now. You are being reborn. You are taking advantage of every opportunity presented to you with a confidence you’ve never had before. Don’t be surprised when you see the struggles of your past magically disappear. Because when you start living authentically, in alignment with your Soul and who you really are, releasing the critical mind of its judgements of yourself, you will be in perfect energy to receive all the greatness that you came here to experience.

Through you embracing your own personal power, stepping into the role you were sent here to do, and using your voice to be heard in ways that you’ve never expressed before, you will inspire others to do the same. We have a spark within us now, being relit and new life will be breathed in you, creating a force that even Mother Nature herself would have a hard time harnessing.

We are slowly connecting the dots to our Universal power now, and under this Full Moon in Leo, at a zero degree positioning, as a Total Lunar Eclipse, the dots are now revealing the picture the cosmos has created for you, and now for the first time ever you will have a clear sense of knowing what your future holds, and all the rewards that come with it.

As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online and I’d be happy to guide you through.


Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique


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