On The 10th Anniversary Of My Death

Ten years ago today, I had a near-death-experience. I actually don’t know why they call it a near-death-experience when I was in fact dead. In an operating room, the medical team spent close to 4 minutes reviving my lifeless body.

While “CODE BLUE” rang over the loud speaker of the hospital, I was standing outside of my body watching them do all they could to save my life. I spent what felt like an eternity in the whitest, purest, most awe inspiring light being downloaded with information about life and the human experience. I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful the light was. We have no words in our vocabulary to describe it, and a lack of the mental capability to even try to comprehend it. No physical forms exist there, just our Souls; our energy, our consciousness.

I was given the gift of knowledge of how the world is energetically connected. I understood death, pain, suffering, why life was the way it was, and why we are here. I learned about how karmic and soul contracts worked and so many other things about life beyond this physical world.

Obviously, the medical team succeed in restoring my life. But after about a week or more of being in a drug induced coma, I woke up knowing things I shouldn’t know. My return to this physical world was one of great sadness for me. After experiencing what I did in the Spirit realm, I really didn’t want to come back.

Even though it took me a long time to be able to realize and process what had happened to me, I knew without a doubt I was brought back to help others. I had a very clear understanding of my mission here on earth.

It has been a very long and painful road of recovery since then. The mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical trauma paralyzed me in many ways until I was able to sort through it all. The physical trauma has left me with some disabilities and health issues that I still can’t seem to overcome. I have had one hell of a time trying to fit in, in this world since my return, because well, essentially everything is different.

I walk the line between two worlds. I was gifted with abilities to connect to the spirit realm and receive information for my clients. I have also struggled to fully embrace my role and honour my contract as I haven’t been fully comfortable being this person for others to lean on.

I have been doing readings and sharing my gifts with others since day one. I reached my own crisis point a few years back, a break in my own faith that forced me to stop helping others and try to be “normal” as I helped myself. It didn’t work. I actually found myself in horrible situations with horrible people all in the name of trying to avoid my mission.

What I learned during my time away from doing readings professionally, is that it doesn’t matter where I end up, or who I end up with, I am a healer. I am the one that people naturally gravitate to for counsel and guidance. I seem to cross paths with people that need help and whether I realized it or not, I was in full and constant communication with the Spirit realm, even when I tried my damnedest to shut them out.

It’s only been over the last 2 years, that I’ve put up my white flag and have surrendered myself completely to the Universe. I am no longer fighting myself, fighting them, or fighting my mission on earth to help others. This role that they’ve bestowed upon me has been a hard one to accept, as I am not the outgoing, want-to-be -in-the-spotlight kind of person I think this role calls for. It has taken me years, to share my story (there’s more to come) and to really put myself out there in the world as a beacon of light for people to find their way out of the darkness. I am still having to push and encourage myself each and every day to embrace my gifts and abilities and use them to help whoever needs me.

So today, on the 10th anniversary of my death, I figured there is no better time to breathe new life into my healing practice. You have all been so supportive sending me love and encouragement every step of the way. This is no longer a “side hobby” that I try to keep quiet. I am fully embracing my gifts and abilities, my position to help others, and turning what I once was very quiet and embarrassed about into my source of power.

This is me waving my flag. I am no longer waving it as a surrender to the Universe, as I am waving it with pride as I am standing tall and proud of my experiences, my gifts, and my ability to connect with those who need guidance through this world. I am owning my flag.

I am excited to announce that I have many new things to offer and share with you. You will be seeing many changes over the next few weeks starting with my website. I am preparing to launch online courses and workshops to help others fully embrace who they are and what they are here to do. I will be releasing a podcast so that I can share my knowledge with a much larger audience, and I am happy to announce that after 6 years of study, I am in my final stages of obtaining my Ph.D in Metaphysical Counselling which allows me to blend talk therapy with the gifts and abilities I was given, and other divination tools to help you overcome your obstacles here in this life path.

My story is a story of turning pain into power. We all have wounds that we feel weak about, that we try to hide away from others. My objective is to now to help others identify their pain and turn it into a source of power. We are given these experiences for a reason, and it’s our jobs to fully embrace who we are and be proud of everything we’ve survived and accomplished along the way.

Thank you for giving me the strength to stand up and embrace my pain, and through helping to heal others, I’ve been able to help heal myself.

If that isn’t power, I don’t know what is.

Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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2 thoughts on “On The 10th Anniversary Of My Death

  1. This resonates on many levels. Callings make themselves difficult to ignore, dont they?


    1. Almost impossible!! Thank you so much for reading my post.

      Liked by 1 person

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