Energy Counselling

The newest services that I’ve introduced to my offering is Energy Counselling. I myself have spent many hours in a room with a therapist trying to work through some issues throughout my growth. It’s very tricky and challenging to be someone who is very spiritual, relies heavily on astrology and the moon as indicators to best navigate life, who sees and speaks to dead people on the regular, and who contacts the spirit realm on the daily, to be in therapy.

You are constantly filtering what you talk about and how you say it, in fear that leaking this information in session will lead to you being deemed crazy and thrown in a psych ward. When you see wildlife as messengers of spirit, and you operate through your day-to-day life looking for and responding to signs that are of great importance to you, you are “crazy” to those that don’t have a similar spiritual sense of self. It has been very difficult for me to actually receive the kind of support I’ve needed throughout my healing journey because of having to limit my thoughts, feelings, and experiences in therapy.

Six years ago, I embarked on my own journey into becoming a Metaphysical Counsellor. Metaphysics is the unexplainable world outside of what we know to be true in our physical world. Metaphysics is all about the energies and spirits at play that we know exist, but we can’t see them or can fully understand or explain their existence.

By combining the two worlds, of Metaphysics and Counselling, I am able to provide talk therapy sessions with my Clients where we approach any and all topics that you would normally go to a therapist for, except you don’t have to edit yourself, and be mindful about what it is that you’re revealing in session. You don’t have to be afraid to talk about all of the “crazy” stuff that a normal therapist might not understand.

I am the person that you can talk about all this “crazy” stuff with, and guess what?! It’s not crazy! There are so many sensitive people on this earth right now, lightworkers, healers, and every day somebodies, that just happen to believe in the Spirit realm and the energies of our Universe. These people need the most guidance and support as we navigate the heavy physical world that is often all too overwhelming and painful to deal with alone.

Energy Counselling provides a safe space for those who are energetically and spiritually sensitive to talk about their day-to-day earthly problems in a space where we use the Metaphysical tools such as energy work, dream interpretation, tarot and oracle cards, astrology, and alternative healing modalities, to receive guidance and clarity from the Spirit realm and help move through these earthly issues with a Metaphysical understanding.

I am so excited to be able to help others in a new way! I think that had I had the opportunity to have a therapist who fully embraced the Metaphysical realm, I would have received the kind of help and support I truly needed in my darkest days. To be able to work with my Clients in this capacity is exciting on so many levels. Finally, we can tackle real life issues by factoring in the Metaphysical fundamentals and provide true healing to the mind, body, and soul.

To book an Energy Counselling session, please click here. 

I can’t wait for us to get started!


Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique


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