Why Are There So Many Deaths in February?

Every year it seems like more and more people are dying in clusters. I truly believe in Soul contracts and because of that I can’t help but to wonder why these Souls have chosen exit points in groups or clusters.

The winter months are always the highest death rates throughout the world. Between the weather causing accidents, or germs and viruses being at an all time high, it makes sense. Because I always look at life through an energetic lense, I see a bit more to this winter crossing point than most.

It has been a repetitive pattern to me that there are so many natural deaths taking place in February – Pisces season. Pisces season is the last phase in our energetic calendar where we “go home” to our spiritual realm, our inner world, for resolve and for closure. Pisces is the sign that is most connected to the spirit realm and our unconscious mind here in the physical world. Pisces, is all about review, reflection, and the un-doing of all we’ve gone through. It’s also the sign that escapes reality whenever it can.

It makes perfect sense to me that those who have now completed their Soul’s mission here in this world would choose Pisces season to cross over. It is the closest we get to the spirit realm, the deepest we dive into our subconscious, and the final stop before starting a brand new energetic cycle.

You will notice that there are people on your social media posting about losing their grandparents, their aunts and uncles, even their children. I hope you haven’t been the one to suffer this loss, but if you are, please know that it was simply time for your loved one to go home.

I always feel weird hearing about people dying, because I know where they are going and it makes me envious of them, as if they are going on a Caribbean holiday to enjoy the warmth of the Sun in the middle of a cold, dark, winter. It brings me a sense of peace, and (do I dare say) jealousy, knowing that they are no longer tied to the physical world and that they get to return home to the spirit world, to live freely with no pain, no anguish, and to be reunited with their loved ones on the other side.

I always silently say in my head, “Good for you for completing your mission! Well done! Now it’s time for you to celebrate in Spirit!”

Of course my heart aches for those that these Spirits leave behind, mourning and grieving their loss. Hey, I get it. It’s taken me a long time to come to peace with losing my loved ones too. I feel like, because most people fear death, and don’t understand or refuse to accept that death is just a different stage of living, that it creates more pain in their hearts to try and deal with.

I have noticed, this year in particular, that there has been mention of many people dying, and crossing over to the other side this past month. For the shortest month in the year, it has a staggering number of deaths. I truly empathize with anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one at this time, but please know, your loved ones are celebrating a job well done.

I know that doesn’t ease your pain still being stuck here in the physical realm, dealing with the painful emotions that wash over you when someone departs, but please know with every ounce of your being, that they are not gone, they are just no longer attached to a physical body. Spirit is with us all the time, and although you may miss the physical presence of your loved one, they are very much still with you, guiding you, protecting you, doing what they can to make sure you complete your Soul’s mission. It is never a bad thing to have angels in your corner.

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Another weird oddity about February (Pisces season), is that the number of overdoses (or attempted overdoses) rise. I’m not going to say that these are suicide attempts in any way, but the energy for us to want to escape reality is very high and intense during Pisces season.

I scroll through social media noticing people posting about, “Man, I haven’t drank like that in years, never again!” To me, it all connects with wanting to escape and needing to numb the very intense emotions that come up during our inward journeys of Pisces season.

It is always advised when there is a strong Piscean energy and influence to avoid drugs and alcohol at all costs. We are unable to regulate or have our normal control over our consumption during Pisces season, thus, so many people over-indulging in drugs and alcohol.   

February, (and into March), we have to be very careful what it is we are putting into our bodies. Our physical bodies are usually heavy, lazy, and less active than normal. Pisces season is where we are at our lowest physical productivity and at our highest intuition and emotions. To those that are not familiar with, or sensitive to energies, and how to navigate these “energetic shitstorms” it can prove to be very difficult to do so without the want, need, or desire to escape it all.

Please take the time and surrender to whatever comes up for you emotionally during these energy waves. Don’t try to run from it, numb it, repress it, or control it. Simply let it just come, and let it go. Emotions are energy in motion (e-motion). The energy is always changing and always evolving into something different. Make a note of what emotions are triggering for you and use that as a roadmap for your healing.

When you hear of someone struggling, looking for an escape from their reality, reach out to them. They need your support. And when you hear of people dying, and crossing over, silently congratulate them for completing their mission and know that they just graduated to the next stage of life. Offer the loved ones they left behind a warm embrace, and maybe remind them they their loved ones are never truly gone.


Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique


Should you require any assistance in navigating these energies, please book a session online and I’d be happy to help guide you through.

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