Numerology: The Power Of Numbers

Everything in our world carries an energy, a frequency, a vibration, and numbers are no different. Each number (0 through 9, with the addition of the master number 11) indicates an energy influence that can help us understand what stage we are currently at in life if we look at our age, what cycle we are currently in if we look at the month and day, and what life path we are on when we look at our numerological profile.

Although there aren’t “good and bad” numbers per se, there are numbers that suggest ease as well as there are numbers that suggest hardships or obstacles.

Numerology is one way we can figure out what it is we are here to do in the world, and where our obstacles may lay in your path. Many people use numbers as signs and messages from the Universe when they are seeing the same number sequence over and over again.

Most of us grow up with a favourite number that we consider to be “our lucky number”. And just as many people have aversions to, or are reluctant to use certain numbers (666 for example).

In this series “Numerology: The Power Of Numbers” we will be talking about each number (0-9, + 11, and sequences of these numbers and the meanings behind them.

My hope is that you will follow along and use some of the formulas to identify the power of numbers in your own life, and learn to use them in your day to day life. For starters, let’s start off with an easy exercise to give you an idea what your “favourite number” actually means to you. 


If your number is a single digit:

Number 0 – Although the number zero isn’t really considered a value in numerology, it’s very important as it indicates a cycle of completion. The zero has no beginning and no end, and is usually representative of the space between finishing an energetic life cycle, and not quite beginning the next. If your favourite number is 0, you likely find yourself between endings and beginnings often, and recognize that life is just a series of never-ending energy cycles.

Number 1 – Being the first real number with value, the number 1 is indicative of a new beginning and a fresh start. It suggests a fresh new attitude and perspective and a want, need, and desire to try a new way of doing things, and an urge to try new things in life. If your favourite number is 1, you are likely spontaneous and enjoy new experiences. You are willing to try anything once, and often think before you act.

Number 2 – The number 2 is about balance. It suggests that you’ve already reached a certain level of balance where you’ve accomplished a certain level of achievement already. The number 2 also suggests that you enjoy partnerships and teamwork. If your favourite number is 2, you likely enjoy being in the company of others, and enjoy partnerships and team building activities. You enjoy the support of others and will often have a very strong work ethic.

Number 3 – The number 3 is a very social number. It’s a number that represents our want and need to grow our social circles and community to share ideas and collaborate with others. It’s also closely related to the mind, body, and soul, father, son, and holy spirit, and the Maiden, Mother and The Crone. If your favourite number is 3, you are likely very social, chatty, and enjoy intellectual conversations and analyzing information. You are also on a quest to learn more and evolve into a higher form of your best self.

Number 4 – The number 4 is about foundations. It represents the effort and energy one puts into making sure the cornerstones of their foundations in life are sturdy and solid. It’s also connected to the home and family environment, and the comfort and security of one’s home life. If your favourite number is 4, you will prefer stability and security over everything. You are protective of your family and are very money conscious.

Number 5 – The number 5 is closely connected to our passion and creative spark. It is an energy that can re-ignite our soul’s, our passion, our creative projects, and even our romance sector. It’s the stage in life where you have accomplished a certain level of success in achieving a solid foundation in life, and now it’s time to grow and branch out to try new things. If your favourite number is 5, you are likely very creative with a great imagination. You are very passionate and caring and are always on the quest to throw yourself into something 100%.

Number 6 – The number 6 is connected to material items and what we do in life to acquire these items. It’s our productivity and how we are of service to others. There is a strong focus on our health and wellness with the number 6, but mostly it’s a number that has us thinking about what we own or want to possess. If your favourite number is 6, you likely worry a bit too much, especially over others. You will be very rigid in your routines, not liking to deviate from what works for you, and suffer from not giving yourself the rest and relaxation you require to balance your mind, body, and Soul.

Number 7 – The number 7 is closely linked to Spirituality and how we share our experiences with others. This is a Soul kind of partnership and very much focused on going through life and the experiences it holds with someone you love and trust. In gambling, Lucky Number 7 is a favourite of many and because of its close link to the Spirit realm, the vibration of 7 is a strong one. If your favourite number is 7, you are likely very social and like to mediate situations. You always do what is fair and just and enjoy long-term partnerships. You are closely connected to your Spiritual beliefs and are drawn to things of beauty.

Number 8 – The number 8 is also the infinity sign, suggesting that there are no endings or beginnings just a constant ebb and flow of energy. The number 8 is a very transformative number with close links to the Spirit realm as well. It’s a universal number meaning people from all different cultures and religions see the number eight as a holy number closely connected tot the divine. If your favourite number is 8, you likely are someone who is always transforming yourself to a better version of who you are. You tend to like the mystery in life, and have an understanding of all things metaphysical. You enjoy the quest of proving that there is more than meets the eye in this world.

Number 9 – The number 9 in the number closely related to endings. It is the last single digit before we get into the double digits. The number 9 is about finishing or completing certain energy cycles and life experiences. If your favourite number is 9, you likely get a certain personal satisfaction from a job well done. You love being able to complete projects and see all of your hard work as a result.

Number 11 – The number 11 is considered a master number in numerology. Any time you see 11, or multiples of it in sequence (example: 22, 33, 44, etc.) you are divinely connected tot he Spirit realm as they guide you through your path. If your favourite number is 11 (or a sequence of 11), you are likely very spiritual and feel connected to and divine guided throughout life. You believe in a higher power and are very in tune with the energies of the Universe.


If your favourite number is a double/triple digit:

The whole basic principle of numerology is to settle on a single digit to carry the vibration or frequency. Mean if your favourite number is 289, you would add those numbers together to get a single digit (2+8+9= 19 / 1+9= 10 / 1+0 = 1).

If 289 were your favourite number, essentially it would be a 1 vibration.

If your favourite number was 77, you wouldn’t add the numbers together because it is a multiple or sequence of the number 11 (a master number connected to Angelic or Divine Guidance) combined with the 7 vibration (a Spiritual, lucky, partnership number).

Now that you’ve had a peak at what some basic numerology energy means to your favourite numbers, you may find that you will be seeing your favourite number in a lot more places than usually. It will seem to be everywhere you look.

Once you attach yourself to a certain vibration or frequency, the Universe let’s you know that they are paying attention to YOU paying attention, and validate you energetic connection to the number by showing it to you in even the most random of places.

In the next article of the “Numerology: The Power Of Numbers” series, we will take a look at identifying our life path, and how we can use that information to help us in our daily lives.


Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique


Should you require any assistance in navigating these energies, please book a session online and I’d be happy to help guide you through.


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