Venus Enters Pisces

Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty, and money makes her way from Aquarius into Pisces where she will stay until April 20th. When Venus moves into a new sign, her focus becomes fine tuned to the energetic influence of the zodiac sign she occupies. Anytime Venus is concerned our values and worth come up for review especially where our relationships, joy, and personal finances are concerned.

Venus entering into dreamy Pisces, will have us swimming in our emotions as we take a look at the current situation of our love life, the activities (chores or jobs) that bring us joy, and our personal finances. Venus loves being in Pisces because she can be as lovey-dovey as she wants and the depths in which she loves goes deep. Although the sensitive waters of Pisces make for some really beautiful moments of connection, forgiveness, and understanding, we can also get caught up in the dreaminess of it all.

Sometimes we get caught up in the illusion of being happy in our relationships, feeling like the scales are balanced, however, under this influence it’s a good time to see whether we are giving more than we are getting. The energy exchange between us and those we value could be out of whack and require some boundaries to be put in place to protect yourself from giving the best parts of yourself away to other people.

Because we are still under mercury’s retrograde influence, we are revisiting past situations, to review, and re-evaluate those we engage with. Pisces is deeply emotional and has a tendency to become very overwhelmed with all the feels causing them to want to retreat or escape reality all together.

It’s important during this time to recognize that you are in fact wearing rose coloured glasses as you look at your love and money situations, and depending on the darkness of the shade of rose, you may be missing the details of reality altogether. Although this is a time where we’d like to get lost in fantasy land, pretending that all is well in the world, the reality is, there are a few situations that are suffering under the want need and desire to evade the responsibilities of life.

There are boundaries that need to be put in place and enforced, and there are scales that need to be balanced. It’s okay though, if you choose to lay back and ride the sweet, dreaminess of Venus’s time in Pisces, you can definitely do that, but be forewarned that when she moves into Aries, the rose coloured glass get smacked off your face leaving you in shock of all that you “thought” to be true.

Another caution I’d like to put out there is that during this time while Venus is in Pisces, we can be feeling very lonely, isolated, and sad. Pisces is the sign that “suffers in silence”. Because Venus is all up in Piscean waters wanting to be so madly in love, it can cause those in relationships who are lacking that kind of connection to be sad, feeling alone even while in a partnership.

Our wants needs and desires to have that undeniable connection with another person is very intense now. So if you are coupled, and not drunk in love” this could be a very eye opening time for you. For those of you that are single, the loneliness of wanting that companionship seems too intense to hide. We may find ourselves in a pool of sadness, wondering if we will always be alone.

I extend these cautions, not to be a “Debbie Downer” but to make you aware of the different levels of experience that Venus entering into Pisces can bring. We really do have the greatest opportunities to redefine our relationships, our values, our joy, and our money. Make sure that you are reserving the best parts of yourself FOR yourself.

You need to be honest in deciphering whether you are giving too much of yourself to people, jobs, or tasks that aren’t filling up your Soul cup. Or, like I said, we do have the option to totally surrender to this energetic influence in really tap into the lovey-dovey feels of it all and ride the wave until reality wakes us up out of our slumber.

As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online, and I’d be more than happy to help guide you through.

Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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