April’s FOOL day

I thought today would be a good day to launch a new series about the astrological associations to the Tarot deck.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Tarot, it is a deck of cards contain mystical messages of symbolism used for spiritual guidance. This divination tool has been used since before the 18th century in providing answers to seekers using the minor and major arcana.

Let’s not get too deep on that just yet.

I regularly consult the Tarot for guidance, and especially love the astrological associations that some of the cards connect to. Because today is April’s fools day and THE FOOL is the first card of the Tarot, I thought there is no better time to introduce the astrological associations to the Tarot, than now.


The FOOL (0) in Tarot, although depicted differently in illustration, still maintains the same message of guidance. It represents an innocent spirit, full of hope and faith, on a journey or quest that excites the Soul. He walks with his head to the sky, connected to the Universe, knowing that he is being guided by a force much greater than anything here on earth.

He edges near a cliff where he seems to pay no mind. His loyal companion along side of him proves to offer the protection he needs as he faces the new territory before him. His belongings tied up in a sac, thrown over his shoulder, represents not needing much from this material world.

THE FOOL is marked with the number 0 as it is both the beginning and the end of the spirit we embody at the beginning and end of our quest. This card is strongly associated with Uranus and Aquarius, and as an air element.

THE FOOL represents the beginning of an idea. The intellectual and intuitional connection Uranus & Aquarius has with the Universe, is what connects THE FOOL to the Universe. His knowing of something greater.

More Tarot & Astrology posts coming soon!

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