New Moon In Aries

Today, we have our very first New Moon of the new energetic and astrologic calendar, in Aries. With Aries season well under way, you may be feeling all over the place with your energy, drive, and attention.

Normally, Aries season is full force forward, but this year, because of Mercury being in retrograde and MANY planets in Pisces, we’ve had the brakes put on our actions. Mars, (Aries ruling planet) just made a switch from Taurus (earth) to Gemini (air) which has caused a disruption in our energy. We are still trying to adjust to the overwhelming thoughts and ideas in our mental plane, while our physical energy just isn’t up to par.

The New Moon in Aries, will help us get our butts in gear. It is important for us to take some time under the New Moon energy to think of all of the new things we’d like to see happen in our lives over the course of the next 12 months. Because Aries is all about drive, passion, initiative, and new experiences, this New Moon should have you thinking about the new projects you’d like to start, new experiences you’d like to live, new habits you’d like to form, and new ways of creating passion and joy in your life.

Often times, as we build towards a New Moon, our energy takes a dive and we experience situations and emotions that aren’t so pleasant. This happens so we can find the root of these issues and use them to create a roadmap of how to never experience them again.

For instance, Aries, because it is always fired up and ready to take action, also has quite the temper. Mars, the warrior planet, is always ready to engage. Many people can experience bouts of anger and aggression prior to  a New Moon in Aries, showing you what isn’t working in your life, and then showing you where to create new energy in your life to resolve the anger issues.

New Moon energy is more about setting an intention for change than actually implementing it, so stay inside yourself, think of all the changes you’d like to see happen in your life, and make a list of everything that pops into your head. 

As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online, and I’d be more than happy to help guide you through.


Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique


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