She Who Harnesses The Power

THE HIGH PRIESTESS (02) is the second trump card in the Tarot deck. She embodies the energy of the Moon and the water element of emotion and intuition. There’s a mystery of illusion here as the Moon only illuminates a certain side of life, leaving details unseen. The Moon strengthens our intuition, allowing us to access a sacred knowledge.

There’s an element of being still, allowing the details of information to expose themselves while she trusts that reflection is the greatest power she can exercise.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS (02) acts as a link between the conscious and unconscious worlds, harnessing the power and knowledge from both to create and manifest her reality.

She is the symbol for the divine feminine energy, and the Goddess of fertility. She embraces duality, the light and dark, masculine and feminine, and accesses the power of all the energies combined.

In my spiritual practice, THE HIGH PRIESTESS (02) suggests relation to the Moon cycle and to Cancer (zodiac sign). It speaks highly of a strong, powerful woman embracing her struggles and transforming her experiences into a source of power, through nurturing herself.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS (02) guards the sacred scrolls of knowledge from the Spiritual world, and when a student is no longer entertained by the material world, it is only then that she will share her secrets.

More Tarot & Astrology posts coming soon!

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