She, the Carrier of Life

THE EMPRESS (03) is the 3rd trump card in the Major Arcana in the Tarot, and ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty, worth, and fertility. She embodies the earth element, stable, hard-working, and uses the magic of the earth to help her manifest her dreams.

Upon her head she wears a crown with 12 points representing the planets, and each month of the year, displaying her mystical connection to the Universe. She is strong, powerful, and has control over her own energy, harnessing it from the elements around her, focusing it on what she wants to experience in the year to come. She uses the power of nature to ground her, restore her energy, and create abundance.

THE EMPRESS (03) embodies the divine feminine, the creator of life, and is the card you want to see in your reading if you are trying to get pregnant and start your family. She is the Mother energy, nurturing, patient, and strong.

She also appears to suggest that there is abundance in creating a new venture. Business and creative endeavours are successfully abundant under her influence. She embodies beauty in all its forms. Her values and self-worth radiate from her heart out into the Universe attracting all that she wishes to seek.

More Tarot & Astrology posts coming soon!

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