The Emperor

THE EMPEROR (04) is the next major arcana card in the Tarot. This is where the male energy comes into play. So far the Tarot deck has exhibited THE FOOL (0) (with no beginning and no end), THE MAGICIAN (01) (the magic within us all), and THE HIGH PRIESTESS (02) & THE EMPRESS (03) all embodying the energy of the divine feminine.

Now, THE EMPEROR (04) who is associated with Aries and Mars, comes to share his qualities of strength, logic, and structure. He embodies the power of authority, a Father figure, a pillar of wisdom and stability.

The number 4 is associated with the home, having the foundation set, all 4 corners fixed, supporting the platform in which you are about to launch your next phase of success.

THE EMPEROR (04) suggests you’ve have reached a level of success by all your hardwork and discipline. It is a card of certain accomplishment due to your willpower.

THE EMPEROR (04) is structure, stability, authority, and leadership. He is firm in his approach, unwaivered by outside influences, and a wealth of knowledge to those who want to put the hard work into building and creating their reality.

More Tarot & Astrology posts coming soon!

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