Welcome To Taurus Season

The Sun has moved out of the fiery, assertive, passionate, sign of Aries getting our new energetic calendar off to the right foot. He now moves into Taurus where we will take what we started for ourselves in Aries, (new boundaries, new passions, new projects, new jobs, new relationships) and use that as a foundation to build upon.

Taurus is the second zodiac sign in the wheel and is an earth sign. It is ruled by the Goddess Venus who inspires Taurus to go after anything that brings them pleasure, joy, and security. Taurus is a very sensual sign, trusting the body senses to guide them to true comfort. They reward themselves with things of beauty, lush fabrics, sparkling objects and trinkets. They also find value in food as they are all about feeling that comfort.

Their overall motivation in life is to seek security by working hard to build the structures that will have long-term rewards to their home and finances. There is no sign more “down-to-earth” than a Taurus. So much so, they believe that slow and steady always wins the race. They enjoy routine, structure, stability, and being productive.

When the Taurus energy is strong, we can tap into all of these great qualities and really build the foundations we need in life to launch off of. Taureans aren’t afraid of hard work or getting their hands dirty if it means they see the reward quickly, knowing that the job is done well and going to stand the test of time. They are by no means materialistic people, however, they do connect deeply with physical items as they represent their journey, their success, and their reward.

There is a caution with this Taurean energy, which is that we may become so grounded, so centered, so methodical in our approach to building and creating new foundations for ourselves, that, “slow and steady” turns into “so slow that nothing will get done”. Tauraens are by no means lazy, but often get so consumed about how to go about initializing a plan that they never really get started.

They are probably the most stubborn of all the signs, and as they represent the ram, there is really no wonder why. When they are defending themselves, they dig their heels into the earth below, lower their head exposing their horns, and kick up dust to show that they aren’t messing around. If you do happen to push a Taurean’s boundary, you will be charged at without a second thought and the great head of the ram will knock you on your butt.

If you are lucky enough to love a Taurus, you will see their undying loyalty, constant nurturing (especially with food being offered to you the minute you enter their home), and a very kind-hearted soul that will do anything for those they love.

They are a fixed sign, meaning they have a hard time with change. They aren’t likely to make many changes to their lives as they value routine and structure above all else. Even with life’s circumstance forcing them to change, they often choose to be dragged than to go with the flow.

These qualities are exactly what we need right now coming out of Aries season. The spark within us has been re-ignited, our passion is leading the way, and now we can take everything we realized we wanted over the past month, and get to building.

Our actions are much more calculated and methodical now. We have no problem accessing the patience required to get the job done right, as we are focused on the long-term now, more than ever.

We also get a chance under this influence to focus on nurturing the body. Spoil yourself with spa days, massages, salt baths. Buy new clothes, a small trinket to represent your current stage of success. And although comfort food is on the top of the list, be cautioned that that kind of comfort is only good for you in moderation.

As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online, and I’d be more than happy to help guide you through.

Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique


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