Pluto Goes Retrograde

Today, Pluto – the planet of power, control, obsessions, and transformation – goes retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, creating quite a shift within us individually as well as on the global scene.

Our Government, Politics, Religion, and humanity as a collective has been breaking down the long standing structures that are no longer working for us. Capricorn rules authority and the roles and responsibilities we have, especially when in the public eye. Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn has brought us some very upsetting shifts in these authoritative structures, which piece by piece are crumbling to the ground.

We need these changes. We are now living in a world that needs the right kind of structures put into place for our futures to be supported. The old paradigms are not strong enough to handle the power of the reality we are currently living in and will never survive the weight of change we are needing in our futures.

On an individual level we have been working hard to embrace the roles and responsibilities we’ve been given here on earth, especially where our careers are concerned. Many people have realized that they aren’t in the right role and have been making huge changes to align themselves more with a career and the responsibilities that are in more in alignment with their heart and Soul. 

Anytime a planet goes retrograde, the energetic influence that is normally projected and expressed outwards in our lives, then becomes focused on our inner worlds where we have an opportunity to transform the not-so-nice feelings surrounding the topics and themes of obsessions, control, and power.

Because Pluto is an outer planet, the energetic influence of it going retrograde doesn’t cause chaos and mayhem like the inner planets such as Mercury does when retrograde, but instead the energy shift is very subtle as we take our attention away from the outer world and start moving within. Don’t be fooled though, the energy of the outer planets going retrograde has a huge effect on us, and the intensity of the transformation is very much felt and seen. 

We will have 5 months of allowing the power and influence of Pluto to dive deep within our consciousness to allow the darker emotions we have surrounding power, control, and obsessions to be raised to the surface where they can be acknowledged and transformed into something lighter. This will have you recognizing very clearly where your obsessions lie. It could be obsessive thinking, obsessive eating, obsessive habits that aren’t really serving you.

You may see areas in yourself that require you to free up your control issues, or even show you where you need to exert more control and discipline in your life.

This will also be a time where you fully embrace your power. This time will show you where you’ve given your power away in order for you to take it back.

The key word here is transform. We aren’t trying to acknowledge these issues for release, we want to transform them from a state of darkness into a state of light. We want to harness the power we put into these not-so-nice topics, and transform that power into focusing on what GOOD obsessions we can consume ourselves with.

We want to see where we try to control elements in our lives and work on releasing the compulsive need to have everything happen in a certain way. We want to transform these issues into a source of power.

Be mindful, especially this week as the shift begins. Pay attention to what themes and topics are triggered for you as the healing journey gets started. It’s likely that the areas revealed to you in this first week will be what gets an overhaul in your life over the next 5 months.

As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online, and I’d be more than happy to help guide you through.


Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique


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