A Friendly Reminder

Reminder: Emotions are ENERGY = E in MOTION = EMOTION… There is more power in the negative emotions then we can seem to muster up in the good emotions… Think of how easy it is to be sad… To be angry! And now think of how hard it is to be joyful and excited… The POWER lies in realizing that anger is a necessary EMOTION… It shows us where in our lives we need the biggest change… Anxiety shows us where we need to release NEEDING control… Sadness shows us where we once had happiness… And all of the PAIN shows us where we need to heal!! We are going through some rough energy right now that is causing people to abandon their dreams, their path, and themselves. People are turning around and running back to the life that they prayed so hard to get away from… All because we grew tired of charging forward. Make no mistake, this spiritual journey is HARD, it’s CONFUSING, it’s RAW… But this is also how you get to the life you’ve been dreaming of! So if you’re tired, rest. But don’t run back to the dark just because you know what awaits you there. The light has so much to offer you but it’s going to require you to TRUST and have FAITH like you’ve never had before! So take all of those POWERFUL not-so-good emotions and say “Hey! Thanks you for guiding me… Thank you for visiting me… But there’s the effing door!!”

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