Welcome To Gemini Season

The power of the Sun shines our energy and focus onto Gemini season where our minds show us their power. After a very long and slow Taurus season, we really need this time for our mental planes to be activated. We need clarity, logic, ideas, inspiration! We’ve been so focused on DOING that we need to take a step back and take a look of the building we’ve begun to create. 

Gemini season will have our minds working at lightening fast speeds. We will be way more observant as we pull the details of our environments and interactions into our brain where we are making sense, seeing patterns, and are coming up with a solution fairly quickly. 

We can interpret situation much easier as logic and minor details pop out at us. We are like sponges under the influence of Gemini, soaking up every last bit of information and data we can surround ourselves with. 

This is all well and good to have the power of the mind providing us with clarity and inspiration, but if you’re not careful you can very easily switch to information overload and short circuit all together. It’s up to us to balance the mind, body, and soul equation to make sure we are listening to each part of ourselves and asking what it needs. 

When the mind because overstimulated it causes anxiety and stress related issues throughout the body. Nervous or restless energy can become very dominate in Gemini season if the mental plane isn’t monitored. 

The Gemini energy, although brilliant, lacks a certain amount of compassion and empathy for others, and feeling tend to get hurt. For a sign that rules communication, they really could use a bit of work in the emotional deliverance of facts, just a tad bit better. Because Gemini’s are so intellectual and very much stuck in their heads, they tend to be a bit detached and cold in the emotional department. This kind of energy can lead to conflicts that were never meant to upset anyone, so be mindful of the emotional tone you use when you speak. 

You will see many options reveal themselves to you under the Gemini energy. Options are never a bad thing to have, except when you have too many of them and your indecisiveness leads you to anxiety. That is very possible under this energy as we tend to get carried away with the details. We see so many opportunities that we become overwhelmed and paralyzed with indecision. 

We tend to lose sight of the bigger picture while in Gemini. It’s a balance between focusing on the big picture of where it is you want to go, and then focusing in on the small details of how you’re going to get here. This needs to be a dance instead of one extreme or the other. 

Gemini season favours connecting with your siblings and your local community. It loves to explore and observe both people and their environments. 

It also rules technology and mechanical things such as cars and anything with moving parts. All of these are very much connected to the inner workings of the mind. 

It’s important to be mindful of your mental activity during this energy, and make sure you are using it for good instead of bad. Don’t fixate on negative or bad aspects of what’s going on around you, instead always think the best case scenario and the lesson behind the experience. Be sure to keep referring back to your big picture goals when you get lost in the details, and surround yourself with as much opportunity to learn as possible.

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As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online, and I’d be more than happy to help guide you through.

Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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