Venus Enters Gemini

Today, the Goddess of love, beauty, worth and money moves from her place of power in down-to-earth, money hungry Taurus, to airy, fun, and flirty Gemini.

Gemini loves to keep things light-hearted and stimulating. The Gemini energy favours absorbing knowledge and exploring the environment around him. Because Gemini is the sign of the twins, there is much duality that is brought to the focuses of Venus which is always about love, feeling good, and money money money. This will shine a light on Venus’s tendency to have a narrowed focus on these subjects. Suddenly the Gemini energy shows her a world of possibilities and options she may have never stumbled upon herself.

Because Venus operates from the heart, only engaging and investing things of value, contributing to her long-term goals, and Gemini operates from the mental plane, seeing things logically and practically, this pairing brings our heart and head into an arena where they meet in the middle at the throat chakra. This is where the heart felt desires of Venus, and the practicality of Gemini’s thought process blend together forming a deep desire to communicate and speak one’s truth.

There is no opposition here as one would like suspect there would be. Too often we are plagued with an inner conflict, a war between our head and our heart. But under this energy, we can cut out a lot of bullsh*t that gets in the way of our interactions with others. By taking a direct approach to communicating our thoughts and feelings to others, we connecting to them in the mental plane of their emotional understanding.

Although Venus in Gemini is fun, flirty, and free, Venus is still a serious girl wanting love, and money. She wants what she wants and isn’t willing to invest time and energy into anything that she doesn’t see value in. But with Gemini’s encouragement to let her hair down and have a little fun, you’ll see Venus adopt a much more playful approach in her interactions.

This is a great time to date if you are single. The interactions between those you are physically attracted to mentally connected with will have conversations free flowing and flirty.

If you are already paired, you will see the dialogue in your relationship bounce from one area of interest onto another topic in the same conversation. Yes, we are expressive, but we are also curious.

With the Sun still in Gemini, and many of the heavy hitting planets moving into Cancer, this Venus in Gemini energy is what we need to try and keep the energy as light as possible. Be cautious around spending money at this time as you’ll crave anything that will stimulate your brain. It’s important to keep your mind engaged and interested during this transit.

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Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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