The 12 Days Of Solstice

Cleansing (also known as smudging to native cultures) is a great way to break up the energy within your home, or cleanse items or people of fragmented energy. Energy collects in the air quicker than dust settles on the surfaces in the home and can have a direct effect of the energetic wellness of the environment and those in it. In my sessions, I often advice my clients to cleanse their space of energies and until now, I sent them on a wild goose chase to their local spiritual store to find the tools required. When The Energy Boutique‘s virtual doors open to the SHOP on the 21st, you will find everything you need to cleanse your space and raise the vibration in your home. When you are moving into a new place, you should always cleanse the space first upon moving in, and then once unpacked, a good cleanse will solidify your energy and belongings in the home. If you have had some family drama take place where the energy got heavy, tense, and emotional, cleansing the space of these negative energies will help reset the vibration within the space. New and Full Moon rituals often include a good home cleansing to reset the energies with the Moon’s influence. Any time you find yourself in a funk, to light a bit of herb in your space will immediately help to lighten the mood. I can’t wait to show you guys the different cleansing kits I will be offering, the variety of blends you can use, and how to ensure your home is synced to your energy at all times! Marlee Henry Psychic Advisor The Energy Boutique To make sure you don’t miss a post, SUBSCRIBE TO THE VIBE for Astrological updates, Psychic Insights, discounts, and online workshop and course info, delivered right to your inbox.

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