Dream Like There is No Tomorrow

With the last few days of our accelerated manifestation state coming to an end, we really have to get serious and focus on giving our vision work all we’ve got.

My weekly subscribers have listened to me go on for months now, about how and why doing vision work is so important, capturing a vision of what our lives would look like if we could be living out our dreams.

This accelerated manifestation state started back in January as we entered into the New Year, the year of building and creation.

The Universe has asked to to dream such a detailed dream for ourselves and to hold that vision so strong in our minds that even the darkest, most toughest challenges couldn’t have broken our focus. But the problem is, we did, we lost focus.

We have had to continuously pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and reinvent both ourselves and the ideal life we’d like to be living, more times than anyone was really counting on.

The first half of this year was about building and creating ourselves, our inner worlds, filled with healing past pain and traumas, rebuilding our understanding and belief system, and raising our vibration high enough to become a permanent fixture in this 5D collective community.

The first half of the year, as challenging as it was, revealed such truth, such strength within us that if we weren’t so energetically tired from reconstructing our energetic bodies, we may just have celebrated a bit more for coming out on the other end.

Last week’s solstice marked the half way point in our year, in the astrological and energetic calendar. And now that the portal, the wormhole of time, has opened to prepare for our upcoming eclipse season, holding a vision for ourselves and our future is of the utmost importance.

We have our first of two eclipses taking place in July, starting off with a bang early next week. The New Moon in Cancer is a solar (Sun) eclipse which historically adds something to our lives that we never thought we could obtain in such a short time frame.

These aren’t random events, they are actually events that were destined to take place in your life path eventually, but because of the accelerated manifestation state, the Universe speeds up time and has these situations gifted to us during the solar eclipse.

The second eclipse will take place on July 16th, which a Full Moon partial lunar (Moon) eclipse in Capricorn. Historically, this energy will remove something from our lives that we’ve been stalling on removing ourselves. Maybe we are in a relationship that we know isn’t right for us, maybe we are in a job that is sucking the life out of us, maybe we are holding onto such pain and trauma that we are unable to open ourselves up to anything new entering our worlds.

This eclipse energy will remove it very quickly and will help to transform our energy into a new vibration to be successful in the second half of the year.

We will see the physical results of all the changes we’ve been needing to take place to align ourselves more with the vision of our life we’ve been focusing on, in this second half of the year.

Because the eclipse energy is far too intense, unstable, chaotic, and fragmented, we will not be focusing on manifesting while the Universe does its thing. That’s why it’s super important to focus all your energy into your vision work now while the energy still supports us to be manifesting.

Once the planetary events start taking place next week, we need to really sit back and watch all the dynamics that will be taking place as the portal, the wormhole, begins to speed up and expand, projecting us through time, through our life lessons and through the accelerated manifestation state. We have done all we can do up until the eclipse season takes over.

We need to practice surrendering and going with the flow. The Universe knows what’s best for us as “they” can see our life plan laid out like a beautiful map.

The events that need to take place, the meetings with certain people that need to happen, the completion of certain life lessons and soul contracts will be reorganized under the guidance and authority of the cosmos and we just need to sit back and watch it all come together.

These times are not going to be easy. The highs are very high, while the lows are exceptionally low. We may not be in total agreement or understanding of the events that are going to take place in the month of July, but with some time, and a whole lot of faith and patience, we will surely see how it all connects together and how it is essential for our growth and evolvement.

So for the rest of the week, tap into the current energies of the Universe and dream a bigger dream. Get lost in your daydreams, explore your dream state. Review and repeat your vision in your mind until it is so strong, so clear, that you can see it happening in your mind’s eye.

Most of all, create only the vision. Release the control over HOW all of this is suppose to happen, and trust that the control over the vision you hold is the only control you’ll need to see your dreams come to life.

As always, if you require any assistance navigating the current energies of your life, please book a session online, and I’d be more than happy to help guide you through.

Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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