Mercury Enters Leo

Today, the planet of communication, information, and expression, moves into the fiery, brave and bold sign of Leo. Leo is a fire sign and honours the heart-space. Leo is about speaking one’s truth, living authentically, creative and romantic passions, and a fun, lively, child-like energy.

Leo is the performer of the zodiac, and tends to be a bit dramatic in their storytelling once they’ve taken over the spotlight. Because Mercury rules the mental plane, we’ve likely been debating big ideas in our heads, and trying to bite our tongues during conversations while Mercury was in soft, emotional and intuitive Cancer. But Leo energy makes us bold, and brave. We get confident under this influence and we aren’t afraid to speak up and speak out on our truths.

Whatever it is you’ve been afraid to talk about or hesitant in expressing outwards, will be the topic and theme of your truth as you are being encouraged to let it all out.

A lot of difficult conversations were avoided while Mercury was in Cancer. We were so concerned with hurting other people or upsetting them with our words, that we actively avoided expressing ourselves. That all gets tossed out the window as Mercury moves into Leo, as we are so passionate about sharing our stories we aren’t really concerned with how it will effect those that hear what we have to say.

There are a few cautions that come with this energy. Because we are all fired up and wanting center stage, listening isn’t our best quality. We are so eager to have our voice heard that we may not be actually listening to those looking to express themselves, and instead we could be very rude and cut them off, or only “listen” to what they have to say waiting for our opportunity to speak. We are crappy listeners under this influence and that in itself might cause hurt feelings.

Another caution about this energy influence is the tendency to ramble on long after we’ve made our point and deliver our truth. Whatever it is you are brave enough to now talk about, needs all the attention it can get. Don’t ruin the impact of your words being expressed by rambling on about it. Recognize when your message has been received and cut yourself off.

The third factor of this energy, is that Mercury will go retrograde next week, giving us an opportunity to revisit past situations, re-edit how we handled them, and revise the closure we need to provide in order for it to be settled. This means that there is a fairly good chance that we may have to revisit what we speak out about under this energy influence to pick up some pieces or clean up the atfermath of our truthful expression at a later date. This caution is just another reason to formulate what you want to say in your head, allow the brilliant Mercurial energy to analyze and edit the best way to deliver it all, and know when it cut it short.

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Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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