New Moon In Cancer/Solar Eclipse

Today we enter into our very first eclipse of the season, which happens to take places with our New Moon in Cancer. The portal of acceleration opened up over a week ago, and will stay opened until after the second eclipse (a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn) towards the middle of the month. This portal is a time when the earth, and everyone on it, receives huge amounts of energetic light rays that appear to speed up the events and timelines of our life lessons.

A solar eclipse has the ability to gift us with something that we were already set to receive in our life. It’s as if the Universe is tired with how long it is taking us to align ourselves with where we need to be, and who we need to be with, prior to entering into 2020 (which is another game changing year in the cosmos). The Universe speeds up our timelines, creating a series of events that we essentially zoom through in order to be in a better position for the physical changes we can expect to see in the second half of this year. These are not wildcard events, these are elements which were already written into our path, we’ve just been taking our sweet @ss time in making them happen.

Because this is happening with the New Moon in Cancer, it makes what would have already been a new energy cycle being initiated surround the home, the family dynamic, the mother wound, and the way we care for ourself, even that much more amplified.

Cancer energy represents the Moon, the magic within the feminine divine. We are essentially healing the generational wounds of our ancestors, by acknowledging and mending the trauma wounds that have been passed down in our families.

Having a solar eclipse with the new moon in Cancer is like having a new moon on steroids. It brings the classic energy of starting a new emotional cycle as the moon brings back her light to shine over the world.

This tidal wave of energy has been felt over the last couple of days, creating an emotional shitshow in even the most stable of people. As the moon was in her dark phase building up to her moment to shine once again, we were left to sit in the darkness with our shadow selves. The emergence of the moons illumination now moving into her new phase will take away all of what surfaced within us, clearing us for a new energy cycle to work with. We are processing our emotions at an accelerated rate within this tidal wave of energy, leaving the old structures of our emotions behind.

This cosmic event hits really close to home. It washes over our heart space and shows us where we need to have more compassion for ourselves, and where we need to work on providing ourselves a sense of inner security. This energy will infuse us with an inner strength to master our emotions, and recognize that external events cannot sway us from the faith, strength, and belief we have within ourselves.

We are entering into a new phase of life, where we get to choose our emotions, our response to external triggers, and essentially to the emotional experience itself. This is a time for us to emerge out of the darkness of both the Sun and the Moon recognizing that we need to consciously choose to see and experience love in all we do. If nothing else, let the take away from this karmic event be that you must stop looking for anything less than love, in all that you experience.

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Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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