Chiron Retrogrades In Aries

Chiron, the wounded healer planetoid, has been in Aries since February creating a healing energy that will help us all heal the wounds of our ego and identity, and turn those wounds into power. Chiron entered into Aries in April of 2018, and stayed there long enough to see the breakdown of who we are, either in our spirit or in our physical world. Chiron then retreated back into Pisces in September of 2018, during his last retrograde before fully diving into the healing process of our inner wounds, aligning our spirit with who we are in every day life.

Since Chiron moved into Aries for a long-term stay in February, we have been seeing it’s effects on a public platform, as everyone is now empowered and speaking up and out about the pain and trauma they’ve endured. Chiron lets us know what wounds we came into this life to heal, and where it is we need to turn pain into power by the placement of his energy in your birth chart. We all come into this life, looking to heal certain wounds that we will accumulate throughout our lives, all in hopes that one day we will drop the mask, expose our wounds, and inspire others to do the same.

Today, Chiron is going retrograde in Aries, taking us on a little bit of a healing journey inwards. This is where we get to retrace our steps, examine ourselves and the wounds we’ve already exposed. This acts as a refresher course to provide some closure to the first layer of healing.

Chiron will be in Aries until 2027, providing us with a huge timeframe to heal the wounds that we’ve been hiding behind, and using as a crutch for our identity. Too many of us identify so greatly with our pain, that we don’t know how to let go. We use it as a shield and as an excuse to move on in our lives. Some of us don’t even know who we are without our pain identity. But now is the chance to peel back the first layer of our pain, to drop the mask, and get real with ourselves. We have learned certain behaviours and adopted certain ways of thinking out of our need to survive. Now we have a choice to drop the survival mode, and move into thriver mode.

Physically, Chiron in Aries spotlights the head. We could be feeling some pressure, headaches, migraines, and overall discomfort where our head is concerned. Ailments such as sinus issues, jaw pain, neck problems, will all fester with the sharp movements of Chiron through the sky.

Mentally, Chiron in Aries is asking us to be a bit more authentic and real in our lives. The masks we wear especially to hid our pain and insecurities is creating a false sense of self. We are being asked to “wake up”, drop the mask, and start showing the world who we really are. This is about acknowledging that we do in fact wear a mask, we try to hide ourselves, especially where we are most vulnerable, and in turn, we are adopting the “victim” mentality. It’s time to make a conscious decision to step away from being a survivor, and fully embrace the life of a thriver.

Emotionally, Chiron in Aries asks us to stand up for ourselves. This means recognizing where we give our power away to others, where we fail to implement the boundaries we need to protect ourselves. It is likely that your anger will fester up at this time. Ask your anger to show you what it’s hiding. Often times, anger shows up when it’s hiding pain, sadness, sorrow and grief. Let your anger show you what it is you really need to work on healing. Let is show you the road map to your soul’s pain.

Spiritually, Chiron in Aries is going to ask yourself, “Who am I?” Get real with yourself. Take a good look at your motivations, your goals, and see if they are truly aligned with your heart. Take notice to how far you’ve strayed off the path of being authentic and real with yourself and everyone around you. Put the masks down once and for all.

Soulfully, Chiron in Aries asks us to accept ourselves. Recognize the inner conflict and the divide within, and accept all parts as one. When you divide yourself, you divide your power. To accept yourself fully is to harness every ounce of power you hold within. It’s time to step up, to lead yourself into being the best, most courageous self you’ve ever known. Embrace your true essence and see how the world responds to your new vibration. Watch your path open up and gift you with things you’ve only ever held in your heart. For when we truly embrace every part of ourselves, honour it, respect it, we live in divine order and will be blessed as such.

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Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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