Mercury Goes Direct In Cancer

Finally! After three too many weeks of mercury (the planet of information, communication, and expression) being water logged in all the emotional waters of the home and family dynamic, we are ready to start seeing things clearly and moving out of the deep end.

Mercury first entered into Cancer back in June, and made for a messy turn of events where our feelings were concerned long before Mercury went retrograde. Mercury caused all kinds of miscommunications, and misunderstandings especially in our close relationships, and then moved into Leo very briefly giving as a bit of courage to say our peace where it needed to be heard.

When mercury went retrograde, it started retracing its steps, moving back over the topics and issues created months earlier, and in true retrograde fashion, dug up all kinds of lessons we all thought we were done with.

Now with Mercury going direct again, he is starting at the 24th degree of cancer, giving us a two week shadow period to try and clean up the mess we’ve made since June. The waterworks are definitely over, but prepare yourself for one last cry as we revisit the topics and things that upset us many moons ago.

With mercury now moving forward, we will see situations resolve themselves. We will feel the clarity come back into our mental space, and we are going to be able to express ourselves, communicate our thoughts and feelings effectively and actually have them understood.

Because lots has happened to us since mercury first entered cancer, and as it went retrograde (most specifically eclipse season) coming out of this backward motion may take some time. It would be an ideal time to check out what mercury entering into cancer started the first time around, what mercury going retrograde had you facing, and seeing what your focus is coming out of the fog.

If you have been completing the Astro eGuides along with these energetic shifts, taking a look back on what kind of mind and heart space you were in at the time, may serve to be a helpful tool in recognizing what topics and themes may need a bit more closure.

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Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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