Full Moon In Aquarius

Today’s Full Moon in Aquarius is dusting our shoulders off of the energetic residue left over from last week’s Lion’s Gate portal activation. The Lion’s Gate download fused the pieces of our new selves together, completing us, grounding us, and preparing us to move forward.

This Full Moon in Aquarius is the Universe’s way of blowing the last remnants of energetic “fluffies” off of your new energy, cleansing you from left over attachments. This is an airy and intellectual Aquarian moon. As the humanitarian, the emotionally detached, innovator concerned with the collective’s future problems, we now shift our focus from “me” problems, to “we” problems.

Aquarius’ ruler is Uranus, the great awakener by sudden change, and fuelling this Full Moon release by suddenly clearing us of our karmic past. We are emotionally detached under this influence, and since this moon is taking place at 22 degrees (a master number) of Aquarius, the ripple effect of this full moon’s karmic clearing will travel through the timelines of our soul’s vibration.

With the Sun in it’s place of power in Leo, the heart and soul of the zodiac, we are shining a bright light on all we love. Our hearts are wide open, proud of the scars we bear, opposing the Moon in Aquarius where we are feeling the pressure to let go of what we use to hold so close to our hearts. We’ve undergone a huge transformation this summer, and although the bulk of the upgrade has been completed, we are still very much in integration mode, uniting what we know in our minds and in our hearts, with the actions we need to take in life to mirror our new inner realities.

This Full Moon in Aquarius will take away the left over fragmented energy and leave us with a pure, and defined vibration. Leo season is coming to an end. This final “dust off” will align us perfectly for Virgo season where we can start putting our actions into play, creating and building the next phase of our dreams.

To get an in-depth look at what areas of your life will be affected during this energy you can download your monthly forecastor book an Astro or Psychic Reading session online.

Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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