The Energy Boutique is an online boutique offering Psychic Readings, Horoscopes, Astrology Forecasts & reports.

The Resident Reader & Psychic Advisor of The Energy Boutique is Marlee Henry, who after a near-death-experience was given the gifts and abilities to assist others in finding their way back to their path of purpose and their Soul’s desires by connecting to their Energy Tribe in the Spirit realm for guidance. Marlee has an unique ability of sensing the energies at play in any given situation and helps to connect the dots, helping her clients overcome energetic blocks and obstacles in their path to reach the next level of success. 

Marlee Henry 

Marlee is currently completing the last stages of requirements in receiving her Doctorate in Metaphysical Counselling from the University of Sedona. ​She is also about to publish her book, the near-death-experience story that gave her the gifts and abilities she is using to help others, and the road of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery since then, which can be expected to launch this year.

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