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My mini reading with Marlee went far beyond my expectations! The insights that she offered on the current situation of my life was so accurate that it brought tears to my eyes. She was able to tap into a part of me that I didn’t share openly with the world and help me to navigate my thoughts and feelings towards it with a newfound strength. It was exactly what I needed at the time and I couldn’t have been happier with my experience! I have, and will continue to recommend Marlee to my friends and family! She’s amazing!~ Katie H.

You have a true gift, thank you for sharing it with the world!~ Lauren K.

Looking forward to another reading in the future with you!~ Jaclyn S.

Marlee’s uncanny ability to tune-in to your messages and guidance is extraordinary! I was a little unsure about having a reading from someone I had never met, personally, but the results could not be disputed! She is dialed in. I highly recommend her!~ Gina D.

Marlee has an amazing gift!~ Dianna R.

I’ve recommended Marlee with great confidence to others – her messages/reports have resonated with my situation and provided direction in the way forward! Highly recommend.~ Christine B.

Marlee, my reading was very accurate.you certainly picked up on a lot of things that are going on in my life right now. Since my reading, I’ve started to focus more on myself and less on the crap and I’m a much happier person. Thank you and I look forward to having another reading in a couple months!~ Debbie J.

Wow… well first off, thank you SO much. I feel so unbelievably seen and illuminated. Thank you.- Jena G.

I was simply amazed at Marlee’s accuracy with my reading. Having never met her, face-to-face, I anticipated a much more, general reading. Nope! She hit on things she could have never possibly known unless she was truly communicating with my Spirit Tribe. I was blown away, to say the least. Give her a try. You will be very pleased with the result!~ Gina D.

I am so grateful for your guidance and support on this journey, it has/is helping me more than you can imagine!~ Lacey C.

Thank you so much for doing my reading, you did a wonderful job. You touched on some things that I really needed to hear and I’m so grateful for the validation!~ Laura L.

Okay, Marlee… you need to imagine me dropping my jaw, eyes bugging out, mouthing while listening to the insights!~ Christy C.

You have no idea how much you’ve helped me! So grateful for you!~ Josie K.
I’m absolutely floored with how accurate the information coming through is. Thank you, so so so much, for this gift! I really appreciate it, you are amazing!!!~ Shauna S.

You are bang on!!  Thank you so much!!~ Jennifer G.

Thanks Marlee… Much of it made perfect sense and rang true.~ Kim K.
The reading that you did for me was spot on!~ Deb T.

First off, I must extend my sincerest thanks for the mini reading. I was very skeptical at first however my very good friend recommended that I connect with you if only for a small mini reading at first. I must tell you …..I cried the entire way through the reading. Everything was spot on. You touched on feelings that I have not shared with anyone. You truly channeled my spirit guides so perfectly. You truly have a wonderful gift; thank you so much for sharing it with me.~ Deanna P. 

Thank you so much for my reading. You are a very gifted person. My reading was bang on. Thank you for the insight.~ Janice L.

Thank you so much for the reading, a lot of things you said was bang on.~ Mary B.

I’ve consulted with Marlee a number of times, and she never disappoints! One particular reading gave me a heads up that someone was going to come into my life. I’ve prepared for that moment, not just waiting for it to happen, yet reflecting on what kind of person I wanted to be for this woman I was going to meet. The crazy thing was, after the reading, I started having visions; I knew she’d have a scar on her forehead, and that she was a brunette. Even crazier was that I had memories of things that haven’t happened yet. A relatively short time later, I did meet someone as Marlee said I would. And the visions came true, down to the last detail. 6 years later, I am still with the love of my life, having recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Marlee has a way of explaining things as if you’re sitting there having a coffee with her. The details in which she gives you in the reading will blow your mind away. She not only gives you info, yet she tells you what you need to be doing with that information, things that you can realistically work on. I know it came at exactly the right time in my life for me when I really needed some guidance. It’s a great gift idea, as I did purchases for my family members, and they were very, very pleased with their readings. Thank you Marlee for your gift! You totally rock!~ Penny S.

Thank you so much for my reading. It was extremely informative and definitely resonated with me.~ Bri W.

Thank you so much for this.~ Holly R.

Thank you so much for the reading, I’ve never had an online reading like that, it was very interesting… and quite accurate.~ Kelly S.

I cannot tell you how timely all of this information is for me right now. It is so spot on and so relevant. So reaffirming of the path I am on now. I felt like You knew me!!  ~ Terri F.

I do get a lot of comfort from your readings and feel that I can trust that you are receiving the messages with clarity.  Each reading has resonated with me and I think you have a real gift!~ Gloria P.

Thank you for the clarity.~ Julie S.

Marlee…. this was profound and SO on point!- Kristi D.
You have hit the nail right on the head! I cannot believe how accurate everything every word you said is.~ Nicolette L.

Hi Marlee, I was excited & yes a bit nervous on what your reading would provide to me.  I’m feeling happier now about so many things you touched on.~ Roberta F.

Thanks Marlee. I always find it amazing how right on your are.~ Sandy T.

Again, you really have tapped into what is going on in my situation.~ Patricia K.

Marlee! Wow!! I’m blown away by your accuracy.~ Nicole B.
The reading was perfect!~ Regina M. 

Thank you sooo much for my reading! It was absolutely incredible and I couldn’t be more impressed with how accurate you were!!~ Kathryn N.

Thank you again for your time and reading I really appreciate the guidance you and the angels have provided!~ Deidre C.

Wow thanks so much you are absolutely amazing everything was very accurate.~ Shari M.

How did I get so blessed to have you supporting me…AND give me heads up about what’s happening now and in future and how to navigate it all. Thank you!~ Kathy T.

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